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The J. Warren McClure School offers students the opportunity to acquire career skills in several key areas of cybersecurity. Students interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity can select either:

  • The Cybersecurity Track in the ITS degree as their major 


  • If you are already an undergraduate OU student, from ANY major, you can pursue the certificate in Business Cybersecurity Management we offer in collaboration with the College of Business.

Cybersecurity Track

Approved by the state of Ohio in March 2024, this new track offers students the possibility to pursue an undergraduate degree in cybersecurity as part of our existing ITS major. 

The track provides skills in cybersecurity operations, data and information networks and project management. Additionally, like in the ITS degree, all students earn a business minor, learn how to automate systems with coding and scripting, and learn the basics of statistics and public speaking. Furthermore, as part of our collaboration with the College of Business, students acquire skills in systems analysis, cybersecurity for business and business analytics.

Students interested in pursuing our new track can already select major code BS5390 as their major for the Fall 2024 semester.

Admissions Information

The Cybersecurity Track in Information and Telecommunication Systems has no requirements beyond University admission requirements. If you are interested in transferring or starting in the track, please contact our undergraduate director Dr. Charles Linscott ( Students need a minimum GPA of 2.5 to transfer into any McClure School Program. To complete this program, students must meet all University wide graduation requirements(opens in a new window) and the College-Level Requirements for the Scripps College of Communication. The Cybersecurity Track code is BS5390.

Course of Study

Through the Cybersecurity Track  you will gain both a foundational and advanced skill set to solve business and technical problems in cybersecurity.

In addition to Ohio University's general education courses, you will have the opportunity to take:

  • 6 introductory core classes that will provide you with an overview of the information networking industry and its latest development (ITS 2140 Introduction to ITS). These classes will also give you the opportunity to develop skills to start solving problems with information networks (ITS 2300 Data Networks, ITS 3100 Internet Applications and Networked Systems, ITS 3110 Foundations for Communications). Two of these six classes provide you with skills in cybersecurity strategic decision making (ITS 4020) and business project operations (ITS 4440).
  • You will select 4 out of 5 specialized classes in cybersecurity. Topics include Privacy (ITS 4310), Compliance and Planning (ITS 4330), Cybersecurity for Network and Information Systems (ITS 4510), Encrypted Communications (ITS 4530)  or Internet Engineering (ITS 4750).
  • 3 of our school's ITS electives classes from a variety of topics. These topics may include courses in other areas such as software defined systems, enterprise systems, wireless networks, Internet of things (IoT) or cloud engineering.
  • 5 course area of concentration (AoC) sequence. You will select 5 courses offered as part of our collaboration in cybersecurity with the College of Business. Courses include topics in Systems Analysis (MIS 2200), Business Intelligence (MIS 2800), Cybersecurity for Business (MIS 3800), Advanced Business Intelligence (MIS 4580) or courses in business analytics (QBA 1720/2720/3720/4720).

    Furthermore, students in the Cybersecurity Track may also consider registering for a minor in Business Analytics by selecting the corresponding courses from the list above. This minor provides a solid understanding of data analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics which are an ideal complement to business cybersecurity.

  • Finally, all of our Cybersecurity Track students complete a sequence of non-ITS classes that allow them to earn a Business Minor and gain foundational expertise in coding, statistics, economics and public speaking.
| 6 introductory classes | 4 specialized classes | 3 electives | 5 business cybersecurity/analytics classes | other requirements |

Please feel free to contact us for more information about a Cybersecurity Track.

Certificate in Business Cybersecurity Management

The certificate is available to any undergraduate student, from any major, enrolled at Ohio University. The certificate focuses on building skills in cybersecurity for business information systems. The Management of Information Systems (MIS) business courses for this certificate include topics such as business database security, security in the systems analysis and process, and business risk management & security policies.

The classes in the certificate in Information and Telecommunications Systems(ITS) are electives focused on computing-network cybersecurity, and they cover topics such as data communication, compliance, data privacy, network security, and data encryption.

This blend of two areas will give students a mix of business analysis and hands-on networking focused skills. This will allow them to help manage the growing cybersecurity needs in any business area. Typically, the certificate will require between two to four semesters to complete.

Course of Study

The certificate requires the following three MIS classes:

  • MIS 2200, Systems Analysis and Design
  • MIS 2800, Business Intelligence and Information Management
  • MIS 3800, Cybersecurity for Business Information Systems

Additionally, students need to complete two of the following ITS cybersecurity classes:

  • ITS 2300, Data Networking (Starting Fall 2023  offered in fall and spring)
  • ITS 4310, Privacy in the Internet Age (requires Junior or Senior standing, offered only in fall)
  • ITS 4330, IT Compliance and Planning (requires ITS 2300, offered only in the spring)
  • ITS 4510, Cybersecurity for Network and Information Systems (requires ITS 2300, offered only every other fall)
  • ITS 4530, Encrypted Communications (requires ITS 2300, offered only every other fall)

How to add the certificate

Future students: you'll add certificates, minors, and additional majors once you're enrolled at OHIO.

Current students: To add the certificate (code CTCSMU) to your degree, please contact the administrative staff from your college or use this form(opens in a new window)(opens in a new window).

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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