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4 + 1 Program


Motivated students in the ITS undergraduate program can apply for admission to the ITS 4 + 1 Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program. Students successfully completing the program will receive a bachelor’s degree following four years of study, and a Master’s degree after one additional year of study. The ITS 4 + 1 program is open to all ITS degree seeking undergraduate students with sophomore status in good standing who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

The program allows students to begin taking classes for graduate credit as undergraduate students, so that students will complete two graduate courses during their undergraduate senior year. While the thesis or professional project options are available to students, completing the Master’s degree in one year will require the completion of a comprehensive exam. Download the 4 + 1 checksheet [PDF].

To apply for the 4 + 1 Program, download the 4+1 Application [PDF].

4 + 1 Program Benefits

  • Save on tuition—Master’s degree in two semesters rather than three.
  • Maintain continuity with faculty and laboratory facilities.
  • Avoid future life disruptions.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Financial Aid for the year of graduate study may be available (competitive application).

Senior for Graduate Credit Process

To be eligible for graduate credit as a Senior, you must have been admitted into the 4+1 program, and be on track for graduation. During your Senior year, you will take two graduate courses, but before you can take those courses you must apply to the Graduate College, using the “Senior For Graduate Credit Application [PDF]” form. This form must be signed by the School’s Graduate Director and the College Dean, and then delivered in person to the Graduate College Office (with the required $10 submission fee), along with the “waiver [PDF]” form.

Finally, you will have to apply to the Graduate College for the MITS program for the semester you wish to start. Details about the application process and deadlines.


To find out more about the ITS 4 + 1 program and about financial aid possibilities, please contact:

Julio Arauz, Ph.D.
Graduate Director
J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies
Schoonover Center, 20 E. Union Street, Room 360
Athens, Ohio 45701-2979