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  • A Conversation with Jim Gay

    Jim Gay and Adam Maslowski talk about social media, smart cities, and charity.

  • Explore VR and ITS in a New Track Coming This Fall to the McClure School

    With a game design major moving into the J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies, opportunities for students to explore the diverse applications of VR technology alongside information & telecommunication systems have arrived in a new ITS track coming next Fall!

  • AI for Good: “The World of Machine Perspective. Artistic Intelligence.”

    On October 28, 2020, in partnership with the United Nations AI for Good, Changing the Story podcast co-hosts’ Neil Suhoda and Michael Ashley welcomed Valentine Goddard to hear her story as she pioneers the unique combination of art, artificial intelligence (AI) and the law to power civil engagement and sustainability.

  • Business of Games Summit 2021

    Max Semenczuk walks us through the preparation of the BoGS event. The Business of Games Summit is one of our largest events of the year. This event brings  together students, educators, entrepreneurs, technologists and industry participants. This year it will be broadcast in virtual format from our facilities in Schoonover Center.

  • Dr. Hans Kruse: The Ancient One’s Twitch Streams

    As a retired professor, Hans Kruse has chosen a new hobby to stay connected to the world of information technology. Earlier this week in an interview, we learned how Professor Kruse spends some of his free time. While still being a part of the Ohio University McClure School community, Kruse has also joined the new community of Twitch.

  • The Privacy Concerns of Social Media – A on-the-surface look into TikTok

    TikTok is a short form video sharing app that, rather than having the majority of their users’ social interactions be based on pictures or written comments, let’s users make and share 15 second videos with their friends and followers.  The app has been increasing in popularity, their user-base amounting to 850 million, but news resources have been discussing the privacy concerns of the app.

  • Dean Scott Titsworth's View on Scripps' Role in the Community

    Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and remotely interview the dean of our college, Dr. Scott Titsworth. The conversation focused around the role of the Scripps College in the community and the challenges the pandemic brings. 

  • TechNuggets: The videos that keep Doug Bowie from losing his voice and mind

    Tech Nuggets, a video series that Doug Bowie posts on YouTube to teach students on a wide array of networking and technical components. Check it out!

  • Ohio University and the McClure School, joining the world of esports

    With the emergence of Esports into the mainstream world, Ohio University is joining the trend. This past week in an interview with Jeff Kuhn, we learned that a new edition is coming to Ohio and it is very exciting.  This new project, organized and ran by Kuhn, is a state of the art Esports facility in the Grid Lab.

  • ECT Student Spotlight: Logan Fondriest

    Logan Fondriest talks about esports and the ECT program!

  • New Course: ITS Urban Tech for Social Good

    Offered in the Spring of 2021, this is a course taught by current director of the J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies, Julio Arauz. This new course called ITS Urban Technology for Social Good will focus on understanding, identifying, and applying different ways that technology can be used to create a positive effect on society.

  • Learning IT with Dr. Hans Kruse: Twitch Streams Exploring Emerging Technologies

    While Twitch is known more commonly as a streaming platform for gaming , previous director of the J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies and professor Dr. Hans Kruse plans to begin a series of streams that share a behind the scenes look at how he learns new things in both the IT and gaming world.

  • AI for Good: Breakthrough Tracks

    On September 29, 2020, the AI for Good Global Summit held a webinar about their breakthrough tracks and the projects associated with different topics. The three breakthrough track topics are Gender Equity, Future of Food, and Pandemic Intelligence. The overarching goal is to advance the United Nations sustainable development objectives by using artificial intelligence (AI) data ecosystem, community building and collaboration.

  • Alyssa Stahl talks about her new job as an XR Designer and Developer for Healium

    Alumnus Alyssa Stahl talks about Healium, a progressive VR company that showcases the mental healing power of VR!


  • Alanis's Journey in the ECT Program

    Alanis Rupprecht, one of our graduate students and lead member of our PR unit, talks about her projects and motivation in the ECT program!

  • ECT Gaming Servers: Educational & Fun

    Near the end of Spring semester in 2020 when Covid-19 forced students and faculty to switch to online learning, The J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies created multiple gaming servers as a way for students to socialize and continue extracurricular learning as done through the Bobcat Network Innovation Center (BNIC).

  • AI for Social Good: What Next?

    On September 29th, 2020, the AI for Good Global Summit held a webinar for a keynote speaker to discuss the beneficial use of artificial intelligence (AI) and about principles which should govern new social norms and legislation about its use.

  • VR for Social Good: VHIL

    When does the brain treat virtual and augmented reality as if they were real? How do virtual experiences affect people? What psychological theories explain how we interact with virtual people? How can augmented reality systems maximize remote communication?

  • VR for Social Good: Project Nourished

    Using technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, Project Nourished creates an experience designed to heighten sensations of food, beverage, and medicine, while also producing therapeutic effects by altering the motion, form, color, scent, taste, temperature and more.

  • VR for Social Good: Charity

    With the continued enhancement of virtual reality, or VR for short, charities and non-profit organizations are trying to use VR to help encourage charitable acts, whether from money or volunteering. Charities and non-profits already tell stories to try to inspire charitable giving, but with the use of VR, it takes storytelling to a different level.