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Internships are a key part of an Ohio University education. A successful internship gives you valuable work-related skills, experience working in a professional environment, useful professional networking opportunities, and a salary. It also can improve your chances in searching for jobs after graduation.

The McClure School does not require students pursuing an ITS degree to complete an internship. However, an internship may be used for academic credit.

Finding an Internship

You may find an internship in any of several ways:

  • On your own from your own search or personal contacts
  • Through a Career Fair sponsored by the University’s Career Network
  • Through the McClure School’s internship process, which seeks to bring students and employers together

You may take advantage of the School’s Resume Service, which helps you craft effective cover letters and resumes that are available to employers. The service is available to all McClure School majors in good standing, regardless of academic year or professional goals. Ask your advisor for more information.

Internships for Academic Credit

Note: Starting with the catalog of entry 2022-2023, it is not possible to complete an Internship and have it approved as academic credit for an ITS Elective but only for general education credit Bricks Learning and Doing. Students with older catalogs of entry can still pursue the option of having an internship be approved as an ITS Elective. Your DARS should indicate if ITS 4910 Internship can be approved as an ITS Elective or not.

Qualified students may earn up to 12 hours of semester credit for internships. Up to 3 credit hours can count as an ITS elective; talk to your advisor about this option. (See above for an update to this policy)

To receive academic credit for an internship, you must:

  • be a McClure School student pursuing an ITS major, in good academic standing, with at least 60 hours completed at the time of the internship
  • have completed ITS 2300 and one 3000-level ITS course
  • have at least one semester remaining on campus after the internship

And your internship must

  • last at least 10 weeks
  • be a full-time, paid position
  • involve telecom-related work

If you meet these requirements, complete a Student Internship Application [PDF] which requests information regarding courses taken, special interests and skills, and geographic preference.

Students enrolled in ITS 4910 are required to document their experience.

  • While on the job, keep a journal discussing and evaluating your experiences. This is submitted at the end of your internship semester.
  • At the close of the internship, the sponsor should submit to the internship coordinator an evaluation of your performance; standard company evaluations are acceptable.


  • Deadline for summer 2020 internship journals is August 17, 2020.
  • Deadline for Performance Evaluation: submit with the Journal if possible, or as soon as received. You cannot receive credit until the evaluation has been submitted.


Internships typically take place during the summer and last 10 to 12 weeks. You may arrange internships during other academic semesters or of longer duration.

Students on internship are expected to function as normal employees. You should work a standard work week, attend staff meetings, and perform overtime/special duties when appropriate.

In most cases, you are responsible for your own housing and other expenses; however, sponsors sometimes subsidize housing expenses or assist in locating appropriate lodging.

Notes for Employers

Employers are asked to submit an Internship Sponsor Application [PDF] and position description to the internship coordinator.

Although the Resume Service is designed to be a conduit of information from student to prospective employer, the McClure School can facilitate the hiring process in many ways. We can host on-campus interviews or expedite video conference interviews.

If the student is enrolled for academic credit during the internship, there are some additional considerations:

  • The intern must be paid.
  • The sponsor is asked to submit to the internship coordinator a formal evaluation of the intern’s performance at the end of the internship. Standard company personnel evaluations are acceptable.

We encourage you to contact the Internship Coordinator (Charles "Chip" Linscott) for assistance. He will be happy to guide you through the process of hiring student interns, and to provide any support that you might want or need.