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Mentor Leaders: Learning Together Faculty Learning Community

The Mentor Leaders: Learning Together Faculty Learning Community (ML-FLC) is a cohort-based, faculty-led learning community designed to provide training and support for OHIO faculty who intend to serve as faculty mentors to other faculty.

Specifically, the program is designed to assist full-time, Ohio University faculty:

  • Describe the roles of faculty mentors and faculty mentees.
  • Build the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective faculty mentors.
  • Recognize the potential pitfalls and limitations of faculty mentorship relationships.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty mentors to interface, network and learn together.
  • Cultivate shared experiences understanding mentoring roles on neutral ground.

The program is organized and led by three OHIO faculty from the Patton College of Education: Dwan Robinson, Beth VanDerveer, and Dianne Gut-Zippert. These faculty have previously developed and delivered an effective faculty mentoring program for the Patton College of Education and the OHIO University community.


The program is delivered synchronously and virtually (via MS Teams) across seven, 80-minute sessions during the spring semester.

Faculty participants will be provided with lessons to support their development to become effective faculty mentors. Examples of topics are:

  • Appreciative mentoring
  • Organizational culture
  • Social identity
  • Mentor and mentee roles & responsibilities
  • Building & sustaining successful mentor/mentee relationships
  • Addressing mentee challenges
  • Addressing mentor challenges
  • Ethical considerations
  • Conflict resolution

At the end of the program, faculty participants will be invited to submit one of two deliverable options:

  1. Mentor Participation. Faculty will be encouraged to sign-up as a mentor for one (or more) existing mentorship programs through university, their college, or department/school.
  2. Mentor Program Development. Faculty will be encouraged to develop a proposal for a new mentorship program for the university, their college, or their department/school.

Eligibility and Registration

All full-time Ohio University faculty are welcome.

To register for the Spring 2024 program, please complete the online registration form no later than Friday, January 19, 2024. 

Please contact Dr. Katie Hartman (Vice Provost for Faculty Development) at with questions or concerns.