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OHIO MAC Academic Leadership Development Program

Ohio University has joined with other colleges and universities in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) to participate in the Academic Leadership Program (ALDP).  

The goal of the Mid-American Conference Academic Leadership Development Program is to assist a select group of individuals (Leadership Fellows) to develop and enhance their ability to be effective academic leaders.  The overarching goal is to build the leadership pool at Mid-American Conference institutions. 

The expected outcomes of the ALDP are: 

  • Articulate the complexity of the structure and operations within an institution and across institutions 
  • Describe the impact of the external influences on the role of leaders in a higher institution 
  • Identify best practices in academic leadership 
  • Assess one’s own leadership potential 
  • Communicate the importance of inclusive excellence 

Up to four outstanding individuals are selected each year to serve as OHIO ALDP Fellows under the mentorship of the Vice Provost for Faculty Development. The program has two components: (1) a university-level development program led by the Vice Provost, and (2) participation in a series of MAC-wide workshops including two in-person sessions and monthly virtual sessions. 

Nomination and Selection Process 

Academic Deans are invited to nominate up to two individuals for a MAC-ADLP Fellowship. To be eligible, a nominee must be a tenured faculty member. Nominees are expected to possess strong leadership capacities, an outstanding record of achievement in their current and past positions, and an expressed interest in administrative service. The nomination must include: 

  • A brief letter from the dean (no more than two pages in length) that describes the nominee's leadership qualities and elaborates upon his/her/their contributions to the academic department, unit, or division.  
  • An application completed by the nominee  

The deadline for submitting nominating letters and applications is May 8. Each dean's nominating letter and the nominee's application should be sent (via email) to:

Application Requirements 

  1. Nominee Information (name, present position, department / school, college, campus affiliation, email) 
  2. History of service (department / school, college, university, community , professional)  
  3. Cover Letter that describes applicant’s interest in being an Ohio University MAC ALDP Fellow and their aspirations for future administrative service. Applicants should also discuss what you hope to gain from the program, including how you expect it to contribute to your career objectives. 
  4. Curriculum Vita 

Fellowship Year 

The fellowship year has two components: 

  1. A university-level project selected by the Ohio University MAC ALDP Fellows.  
  2. Participation 8-10 MAC-wide workshops for all program participants. These workshops address a variety of academic institutional topics such as strategic planning, budgeting, leadership challenges, and faculty relations. 

Throughout the year, the Fellow will have the opportunity to meet with the other Ohio University Fellows and the Associate Provost for Faculty Development to reflect on the MAC workshops and to discuss the planned project.  

At the end of the program, each Fellow will create an electronic leadership portfolio. The portfolio will include: 

  • A curriculum vitae 
  • Statement of leadership or career goals 
  • Statement of leadership philosophy 
  • Program reflection 
  • Project report 

Previous MAC-ALDP Fellows 

  • 2017-18: Christopher Hayes (MUS), Sara Helfrich (EDTE), Beth Quitslund (ENGL) 
  • 2018-19: Patrick Barr-Melej (HIST), Tania Basta (SPH), Ana Rosado-Feger (MGT)  
  • 2019-20: Todd Eisworth (MATH), Akil Houston (AAS), Natalie Kruse-Daniels (VOIN), Nukhet Sandal (POLS) 
  • 2020-21: Cynthia Anderson (SOC/ANTH), Lisa Harrison (EDTE), Jason Trembly (ME), Morgan Vis (PBIO) 
  • 2021-22: Mick Andzulis (MKT), Char Miller (NURS), Dwan Robinson (EDES), Alycia Stigall (GEOS) 
  • 2022-23: Joann Benigno (CSD), Danielle Dani (EDTE), Travis Davidson (FIN), Edna Wangui (GEOG)