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Emerging Leader Academy

The OHIO Emerging Leader Academy is a two-semester faculty development program. The academy is designed as a sequential two-part series – self-reflection and strategic leadership – with eight, two-hour workshops. Participants are invited to a welcome session, a debrief and academy celebration lunch, and the annual Faculty Awards Ceremony to receive a certificate of participation. 

The academy's goal is to provide current and future academic leaders with the skills and knowledge to become effective academic leaders. The academy is open to full-time OHIO faculty with strong leadership potential, a record of achievement in their current and past positions, and an expressed interest in administrative leadership. 

Through OHIO Emerging Leader Academy, participants will have the opportunity to build the skills needed to meet leadership responsibilities and enhance their leadership potential. After the conference, participants will have the knowledge and skills to: 

  • Evaluate and compare leadership styles and approaches to academic leadership. 
  • Assess and develop emotional intelligence and intercultural competence. 
  • Design strategies for work-life balance and time management. 
  • Utilize the SOAR analysis framework for strategic planning. 
  • Recruit and develop academic talent. 
  • Manage and resolve organizational conflict. 


The academy's core curriculum is designed as two sequential workshop series: one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. Each series includes four workshop sessions. 

Self-Reflection Series (Fall Semester) 

  • Exploring Leadership Styles 
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence 
  • Improving Intercultural Competence 
  • Managing Your Time 

Strategic Leadership Series (Spring Semester) 

  • Learning to SOAR 
  • Recruiting & Retaining Excellent and Diverse Faculty 
  • Building Engaged Teams 
  • Managing and Resolving Conflict 

Eligibility and Applications 

The academy is open to all full-time OHIO faculty who are currently in academic leadership roles (e.g., program director, department chair, school directors, etc.) or are interested in future academic leadership roles. Participants are expected to possess strong leadership potential, a record of achievement in their current and past positions, and an expressed interest in administrative leadership. A maximum of 12 participants will be selected annually. 

  • Applications should include: 
  • Cover letter describing interest in the program, examples of your past leadership roles in department/school, college, university, and/or professional service, expected personal/professional gains from participation, and how the academy will contribute to the career development and goals. (limit = 2 pages) 
  • Current curriculum vita 
  • Letter of support from an academic leader (i.e., department chair, school director, and/or dean). 

Apply by 5PM Friday, September 8th for full consideration.

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