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Survey Technologies Evaluation Project

About the project

The current survey portfolio at Ohio University contains several technologies, including Qualtrics, REDCap, Microsoft Forms, and Class Climate (course evaluation platform). Several other survey tools (e.g., Survey Monkey, Google Forms, etc.) have been leveraged by University stakeholders. To better align this portfolio with the changing needs of the OHIO community, OIT launched a survey tool evaluation process that included a request for proposal (RFP). The goal of this process was to have a portfolio of survey technologies that support long term teaching and learning, research, and other information gathering goals of the University. 

The first part of the RFP was awarded to Qualtrics in February 2022. The second phase of the survey evaluation covered course evaluations and awarded a contract to Blue, which will replace Class Climate as OHIO's preferred course evaluation tool.

How to get involved 

Review the Survey Tools Usage Survey Findings

The Survey Tools Usage Survey data was compiled in May 2022. The survey was originally distributed to approximately 3,000 OHIO faculty, staff, and students. The results have been analyzed and will be used to help OIT understand survey tool usage and future needs, guiding the rest of the evaluation process detailed below. 

Review the Survey Tool Usage Summary


Join the Surveys Advisory Community

The Surveys Advisory Community is comprised of faculty, staff and students and meets quarterly to discuss topics and trends related to surveys and to help influence the future of surveys at OHIO.

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