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Course Evaluations - Blue Implementation

Blue, provided by Explorance, Inc., will replace Class Climate as OHIO’s preferred course evaluation tool. Blue is expected to improve the security and transparency of the course evaluation process, as well as enhance the user experience for both students and faculty. The selection of Blue was completed during the Survey Technologies Evaluation Project.  


The transition to Blue is expected to provide the following benefits:


  • Students will receive a single email that includes links to all their available evaluations rather than a separate email for each course
  • Students will receive reminders to complete surveys via email and Blackboard
  • Evaluations will be accessible on any device


  • Faculty will receive more robust feedback as a result of improved student experience and higher response rates
  • Faculty will be able to access past course evaluations in Blue any time
  • Faculty will be able to compare course evaluations results over time

Course Evaluation Administrators 

  • A streamlined user experience will significantly reduce staff time required to deploy evaluations and compile results
  • Administrators will be able to combine merged and dual-listed classes for more accurate student representation and feedback
  • Administrators will have more robust reporting capabilities
  • Increased security for individual accounts

Rollout Phases

Rollout Phases 2

How to Get Involved

To learn more about Blue or to provide additional feedback, consider joining the Teaching and Learning Technologies Advisory Community. The group meets monthly to discuss topics and trends related to teaching and learning tools. All faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend.

Project Communication to Date

Date Communication Link
September 9, 2022 OIT announces transition to new centrally supported course evaluation technology
February 24, 2022 OIT announces updates to Survey Technologies Evaluation Project
April 6, 2021 Faculty and staff invited to provide feedback on survey technologies