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OCTOBER 26-28, 2012





Carolyn Davis, Reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer

Carolyn Davis is a reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she specializes in humanitarian and children’s issues. Her articles often reflect issues of social and global concern. Carolyn has written stories focusing on issues that include human trafficking, humanitarian efforts in Haiti after the earthquake, video games designed to promote social awareness, and what malnutrition looks like on a global scale. Before becoming a reporter, she was on the Inquirer’s Editorial Board and wrote a periodic column about humanitarian issues. She visited northern Uganda twice to write about the Lord’s Resistance Army’s abuses against children in northern Uganda. Carolyn left journalism for a number of years to be involved with humanitarian relief work in Cambodia, Rwanda, and in the Balkans, where during the Kosovo crisis she managed a refugee camp. She also has been on the Editorial Boards of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Columbus Dispatch. Carolyn graduated with a master’s degree from Ohio University’s Communication and Development Studies program in 1998. 




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