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Adding Videos to Canvas

Ohio University Libraries has a large collection of how-to videos highlighting library resources and services. These videos can be embedded in Canvas courses by using the embed option.

First, identify the video you want to include in your Blackboard course from the Ohio University Libraries YouTube channel.

Once you find the video you want to embed, select "Share" at the bottom right, then select "Embed" in the "Share" window.

YouTube share screen showing embed code

Select "Copy" to save the code to your computer's clipboard.

YouTube screen showing embed code for a video

Navigate to the page where you want to embed the video and select the "Embed" tool on the far right. Paste the embed code and select "Submit."

Canvas screen showing Embed dialog with embed code for a video

Don't forget to save your changes and test the Student View to make sure the video displays properly.

Canvas instructor screen showing a video in Student View

See the Libraries' Streaming Films Guide for more information about embedding Libraries' streaming film in Canvas.

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