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Requests for exhibit/display space should be placed at least 2 months in advance. The Ohio University Libraries reserves the right to refuse any proposal. For example, items that the Libraries Exhibits Committee deems potentially hazardous or dangerous will not be permitted in any exhibit/display.

Exhibit/display space availability will determine the duration of exhibits. The exhibit/display will be available for view during the regular library hours of the space in which the exhibit/display is installed.

Exhibits mounted in the Libraries that have not been approved through this process will be removed.

Exhibitors agree to the following:

  • To provide signage for the display that includes the name(s) of the exhibitors, department/group affiliation, title, and dates of the exhibit/display.
  • To provide accurate labels for all items in the display which include artist, title, date, media, and other identification information as appropriate.
  • The exhibit area is not to be modified or altered.
  • No glue, heavy tape, pins, etc. or other adhesives or hardware that may damage surfaces are allowed on any wall or in any display case. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage to walls and cases.
  • Exhibit materials must be display-ready at the time of installation and suitable to hang, mount, or display as necessary. Two-dimensional works must be framed and ready to hang. The Libraries have only a limited amount of hanging hardware (such as hooks and wire) available for use.
  • Price lists may not be displayed. However, contact information can be included in signage.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for contacting a member of the Exhibits Committee (name provided upon proposal acceptance) to schedule and remove the exhibit/display at the end of the exhibit duration, otherwise the Exhibits Committee may do so. The Ohio University Libraries cannot store previously exhibited materials, and will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to such materials.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning display cases/areas they have used for display purposes.
  • Exhibits/displays which incorporate Libraries materials must first obtain permission for using such materials from the Libraries staff member with whom they are coordinating. The Libraries staff member will consult about preservation and other concerns as necessary. Libraries materials must be used with the utmost attention to their access and long term preservation.
  • Lockable display cases are available.  In all instances, however, the Libraries are not responsible for theft of or damage to works on exhibit.

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