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Ohio University Libraries Space Study

January 29, 2024

During the week of February 12th, library staff will conduct a space-use study to develop a better understanding of how our libraries are being used.  

You might see staff walking around and taking notes on how patrons are interacting with the spaces. This will be unobtrusive and no personal information will be documented. There will be no photos taken and you will not be asked any questions. We are simply walking around and documenting what we see, such as what seats are most popular, what technology is being used, and what areas of the building users prefer.  

Answers to such questions can help us maintain a user-focused direction as we plan for future initiatives, so we appreciate your understanding and input. If you would like to leave a comment about a specific library building, we would be happy to include your opinions in our study. If you have questions or concerns about this study, please contact  Chad Boeninger, Interim Assistant Dean for Research and Education Services.