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Unlocking the Power of Design: A Workshop for Expo Researchers

March 14, 2024
Illustration showing an Expo poster with a lot of dense text on one side, and one with graphics and less text on the other
As students gear up for the upcoming Ohio University Student Research and Creative Activity Expo on April 11th, we are excited to offer a special workshop on March 21st, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in Alden Library room 251. Our "Student Expo Poster Workshop," will equip Expo participants with the skills and insights needed to captivate an audience through intentional and effective poster design.

Learning Goals

This workshop will empower you to:
  1. Understand how users interact with information on research posters.
  2. Increase the visibility and recognition of your research.
  3. Implement intentional design choices in your own research poster.
  4. Explore different poster design options and examples.

Gameplan of the Session

  • Discussion of User Interaction (15 minutes): Uncover the common mistake of overwhelming text on research posters and understand the concept of cognitive load.
  • Exploration of Better Poster Designs (5-10 minutes): We will showcase examples of 'better' poster designs, emphasizing the importance of clear punchlines and minimal text.
  • Composition & Layout (5 minutes): Dive into the basics of design with the Rule of 3 grid and learn how to create a hierarchy of shapes for an engaging layout.
  • Poster Session Workshop (25 minutes): Our Media Arts Tutors will provide personal assistance to help you improve your own research posters. Feel free to bring your laptops and research posters.
While this workshop is tailored for Expo participants, all are welcome, including walk-ins!
For more information about this workshop, please contact Heaven Herrold at