Translational Biomedical Sciences Graduate Faculty

TBS Faculty Guidelines [PDF]

View all of Ohio University's Translational Biomedical Sciences Graduate faculty, organized by area of expertise.

Biological and Biochemical Faculty

Name Areas of Expertise
Cory Baumann n/a
Fabian Benencia Immunology, Cancer
Stephen Bergmeier Chemistry, Drug Discovery
Darlene Berryman Obesity, Nutrition, Growth hormone, Adipose tissue, Diabetes, Endocrinology
Mark Berryman Hearing and Cochlear cell pathophysiology
Ronan Carroll Microbiology, Pathogenesis, Genetics
David Drozek Lifestyle medicine, chronic disease, medical educations
Mario Grijalva Tropical Diseases, Parasitology, Blood Bank Safety, International Research, Research Capacity Development 
Jennifer Hines n/a
John Kopchick Growth Hormone, Aging, Cancer
Kevin Lee  Obesity, Diabetes, Adipose Tissue
Chunmin Lo Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Behavioral neuroscience, Energy/lipid/glucose homeostasis
Ramiro Malgor Wnt signaling, Atherosclerosis, Bladder Cancer
Kelly McCall Role of chronic inflammation in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and novel therapeutic development
Molly Morris Nutritional Programming, Alternative Growth Strategies, Novel Animal Models
Erin Murphy Bacterial Pathogenesis, Gene Regulation, Molecular Biology
Sonia Najjar Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, Cardiovascular Complications
Corinne Nielsen Vascular Abnormalities, Molecular Genetics, Neuroscience
Craig Nunemaker Diabetes, Islets, Low-grade inflammation, Beta-cell failure, Metabolism, Drug discovery
Vishwajeet Puri Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, Adipocyte Metabolism
Tom Rosol Cancer and Metastasis; Endocrine and Bone Diseases; Pathology; Animal Models; Drug Discovery
Vishva Sharma n/a
Nathaniel Szewczyk n/a
Soichi Tanda n/a
Shaohua Wang Clostridioides difficile infection; Gut microbiome; Probiotics

Lonnie Welch


Susan Williams

Biomechanics, Muscle Physiology, Comparative Anatomy
Shiyong Wu Plant Neutraceuticals, Chemistry
Todd Young n/a
Shouan Zhu Joint degeneration, Orthopedic biology 


Engineering Faculty

Name Area of Expertise
Monica Burdick Cancer Metastasis, Cell Adhesion, Biomedical Engineering
Doug Goetz Biomedical engineering, Drug Discovery
Chang Liu Software engineering, machine learning explainability
Andrew Weems n/a


Musculoskeletal and Neurological Physiology Faculty

Name Area of Expertise
Robert Brannan Food Science, Food Bioactives, Special interest in Asimina triloba
Brian Clark Aging, Neuromuscular Physiology, Exercise Physiology
Mitchell Day n/a
Dustin Grooms Neuroplasticity, Neuroimaging, Biomechanics
Angela Hillman n/a
Jeff Russell Performing Arts Medicine, Dance Medicine, Concussion
Janet Simon Musculoskeletal injury, health outcomes, health assessment 


Social and Behavioral, Epidemiology Faculty 

Name Area of Expertise
Benjamin Bates n/a
Liz Beverly Behavioral diabetes, Psychosocial factors, Diabetes self-care, Qualitative methods
Amy Chadwick n/a
Ilana Chertok Maternal-infant health, women's health, population health
Cory Cronin n/a
Chris France Pain, Psychological Stress, and Blood Donor Recruitment and Retention
Dawn Graham n/a
Emily Guseman Pediatric obesity, Physical activity & physical fitness, Metabolic syndrome, Childhood 
Angela Gutierrez n/a
Mohammed Haider n/a
Zelalem Haile n/a
Allyson Hughes  
Anna Kerr Communication, Caregiver burden, Chronic illness, Uncertainty, Stigma, Decision making

Gillian Ice

Nagesh Rao n/a
Anirudh Ruhil n/a

Alexander Sergeev


Dhiraj Vattem

Marjorie Vogt n/a

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty cannot accept graduate students. 

Adjunct Faculty
Name Department Area of Expertise
Sharon Casapulla Social and Behavioral, Epidemiology Rural/Underserved, Medical Education, Resilience
Yong Han Biological and Biochemical n/a
Kevin King Biological and Biochemical n/a
Shin Hee Lee Biological and Biochemical n/a
Yunsheng Li Biological and Biochemical n/a
Ed List Biological and Biochemical n/a
Raquel Marchan Rivandeneira Biological and Biochemical n/a
Lingying Tong Biological and Biochemical n/a
Nathan Wages Social and Behavioral, Epidemiology n/a