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Jennifer V. Hines

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Ph.D., University of Michigan


  • Structural and Chemical Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • RNA-targeted Medicinal Chemistry

The focus of our research group is RNA drug discovery. We employ an interdisciplinary approach to developing RNA-targeted medicinal agents that could potentially treat diseases such as AIDS, multidrug resistant bacterial infections, and cancer. RNA plays a critical role in viral replication, bacterial regulation and cancer biogenesis. By targeting key RNA-mediated regulatory processes for these diseases we hope to ultimately develop novel medicinal agents. Through a combination of chemical, molecular, and structural biology studies we are determining the structure-function relationships of medicinally relevant RNA targets and the structure-activity relationships of small molecule ligands that bind the RNA. We utilize a variety of approaches ranging from biophysical (fluorescence, UV, NMR) to bioinformatics, computational and molecular biology techniques. Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of the factors that govern molecular recognition of RNA by small molecules and to use this knowledge in the development of novel medicinal agents.

Selected Publications

Liu, J.; Zeng, C.; Hogan, V.; Zhou, S.; Monwar, M. M.; Hines, J. V. Identification of spermidine binding site in T-box riboswitch antiterminator RNA. Chem. Biol. Drug Design 2016, 87, 182-189.

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