Application & Admissions FAQ

How do I get back to my application if I partially completed but did not submit it?

You do not need to complete the application all at once; the system allows you to save and return at your convenience. 

I cannot remember the password to my application account. How do I retrieve that?

Return to the OHIO Graduate Online Application and follow the instructions in the "Returning Users" section.

What is the difference between a Copy of an Official Transcript and an Official Transcript?

Copies of official transcripts can be submitted as part of your application materials for most academic programs. The following are not acceptable as a transcript: Advising reports like DARS, academic records printed from your school’s website, grade reports, or any document that indicates it is unofficial and/or for internal use only. Including documents that are not copies of official transcripts will slow down processing of your application.

Official transcripts must be sent from the issuing institution to the Graduate College either electronically or by mail, or have been sent to you in a SEALED envelope and then forwarded by you to the Graduate College unopened. Transcripts that arrive in opened envelopes are not official.

Official transcripts are required as part of the application materials for some programs. Check the program’s website and review the program information within the online application to determine if your program requires official transcripts with the application.

All students recommended for admission must provide an official transcript from any institution where they have earned (or will earn) a bachelor’s degree or higher prior to registering in their initial graduate semester.

I've been an Ohio University student. What transcripts do I need to submit?

You are required to list all post-secondary institutions attended or currently attending in the Academic History section of the application. Depending on when you attended an institution and the level of coursework you attempted, it may not be necessary to submit a copy of an official transcript. The following transcripts are required for all degree-seeking applications: 

  • A copy of the official transcript from each institution where a bachelor's degree has been or will be granted.
  • A copy of the official transcript from any institution attended after completing a bachelor's degree, or from which any graduate coursework was attempted, regardless of whether or not a degree has been or is being completed.
  • A copy of an official transcript from any college or university attended within the past four years from which credit was or is currently being completed.
  • Note: Transcripts for work completed through a study abroad program are NOT required.

 If you listed Ohio University as a current or prior institution, the Graduate College will request a copy of your OHIO transcript on your behalf. However, if you did not list OHIO as a prior institution, you will need to submit a copy of an official transcript.

Note: some academic programs do require transcripts from all institutions attended. Review the application requirements for the program to which you are applying to confirm if you need to submit all transcripts.

How do I submit an official transcript (US institutions)?

You can submit an official transcript by mail or electronically, depending on the options provided by your school. Most institutions will have instructions online about how to request transcripts. Generally this information will be in the registrar's office or records office, but you may also find it under Alumni information.

Electronic transcript services:

Select Ohio University - Graduate Admissions as the recipient, if that option is available. If asked to provide an e-mail address, use

Along with your name, please include your Ohio PID number on your order request.

Mailing paper transcripts:

Paper transcripts must arrive still sealed in the original envelope in which they were released by the issuing institution. The mailing address needs to include your full name and your Ohio PID number and/or your date of birth (month/date/year).

Mailing address:

Graduate College
Your name, Pxxxxxxxxx
1 Ohio University
Grosvenor Hall 102
Athens OH 45701

How do I review To Do items in My OHIO Student Center?

How to Access "My OHIO Student Center" to Review "To Do" Items and Holds

  • Navigate to
  • Log in with OHIO ID and Password
  • Duo Security
  • Once you have accessed your Student Center, you will see panes for Holds and To Do List.
  • To review information about Holds, click on the "details" link.
    • Under the "Item – List", click the item link and scroll to the bottom of the page to read the instructions to clear the hold.
  • To review information about To Do items, click on the item in the list.
I already submitted my application, but need to make a change to the information. Whom do I contact to make this correction?

Once your application is submitted it cannot be changed. If you need to update information such as current mailing address or email address, please contact the Graduate College at Please include your PID number in all correspondence.


How do I check or update my letters of recommendation?

Return to the OHIO Graduate Online Application and follow the instructions in the "Returning Users" section. Within the Application Status Portal, you can review the Checklist and see which letters have been received.

To re-send notification emails to your recommenders, re-visit the recommendations page, click "Edit", and then click "Send Reminder".

I am having technical difficulties accessing MyOHIO Student Center. When I try go to the center webpage, I receive this error message "the selected language is not enabled for this database." What do I do to correct this error?

To correct the "the selected language is not enabled for this database" issue in the Mozilla browser please go to Tools > Options > Content and then click on the "Choose..." button next to the Languages Section. Next, make sure English/United States [en-us] is the top language.

Can I get my application fee back?

No. Application fees are non-refundable. Please review your application carefully before submitting and paying the application fee.

In the event that a program is canceled due to a lack of applications, applicants will be notified of their options.

How long does it take for application materials to be processed?

Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days after a document is received by the Graduate College. During peak application periods processing can take longer. Checklist items in your Application Portal are updated as materials are processed.

When will I be notified about an admission decision?

Each graduate program has its own application review and decision-making process. In general, programs conduct application reviews shortly after their application deadline. The Graduate College is not part of the application review process. Once a decision has been made by the academic program, it is forwarded to the Graduate College to be made official.

The application won't accept my credit card.

A credit card authorization error means there is a problem with the credit card you provided. You may see one of the following messages: Decline, Serv Not Allowed, Invalid Trans, or Do Not Honor

Each of these is a type of error that is sent by your card provider. For whatever reason, the bank or card provider is declining the transaction. The fee processor provides us with no further details regarding the transaction failure.

A common error is a mismatch between name and/or billing address on the credit card and the name and/or permanent address you listed on your application. Double-check your name and address to make sure it matches the name and address assigned to the credit card, and attempt to submit it again. If the error is persistent and you wish to inquire further, please contact the bank or credit card provider that issued the card.

If you are attempting to use a credit card belonging to someone else and are not listed as an authorized user on their account, you may encounter an authorization error. If you are the named card holder and your card is not working, check to ensure your permanent address on the application matches the address on your credit card. If you continue to encounter problems, contact the bank/credit card provider.

If you are unable to resolve the authorization error, you can mail the application fee to the Graduate College and receive in return an administrative code that will allow you to submit your online application. Please contact the Graduate College at for additional information and instructions.

Why is my application on hold?

Check to see if any of these conditions apply to you.

Did you select to submit your application and pay a fee? 

Your application is not considered submitted until you complete all required questions, click submit, and pay the applicable application fee. You can return to a saved application, make updates, and then submit the application. If you are unsure if you submitted the application and paid the application fee, return to the OHIO Graduate Online Application and follow the instructions in the "Returning Users" section.

Did you indicate that you have been/were charged with, indicted for, or convicted of a felony?

If so, you are sent a questionnaire to complete and return to the Office of Legal Affairs. Your application will be on hold pending the outcome of that review. 

Did you indicate that you were suspended or dismissed from a prior academic program or institution?

If so, your transcripts are being reviewed before release to the academic program. Review your Checklist in the Application Portal to see if additional transcripts have been requested.

Did you indicate that you are unable to return to a prior institution? 

If so, review the Checklist in your Application Portal to see if additional information has been requested.

My application is still under review, but it is too late to get an I-20. What should I do?

If you have not been notified of an admission decision and it is too late to pursue an I-20, you can change your requested application term. Information can be found on the following Graduate College web page.