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About Us

About the Graduate College

The Graduate College upholds the University mission through services, programming, advocacy and expertise that promote graduate student success, academic excellence and an inclusive university community. 

What we do:

  • Promote graduate education
  • Coordinate degrees and program changes with the state of Ohio
  • Coordinate and manage all graduate admissions
  • Coordinate records on graduate students and degrees
  • Graduate student orientation
  • Support Graduate Commencement
  • Manage all graduate appointments (assistantships, fellowships)
  • Coordinate theses and dissertations
  • Build a sense of community and graduate culture
  • Host programming and events relevant to graduate students

The Graduate College is the home of two interdisciplinary programs: the Translational Biomedical Program and the Individual Interdisciplinary Program. The Graduate College works collaboratively with other university entities to support and meet the needs of graduate students and the faculty that serve them: Graduate Council, University Curriculum Council, Faculty Senate, Graduate Student Senate (GSS), Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, and the Associate Deans for Research in each academic college.