International Students

How to Submit Academic Documents

Applicants should upload copies of academic documents with their application.

Once a student is officially admitted, they are required to submit official academic documents. There are three options to submit official documents. Please click on each item for details.

Option #1: On Campus - Schedule a day and time to temporarily drop off your documents to be scanned and returned.

Make an appointment to meet a staff member at the Graduate College. They will take the documents, make copies, and return them during the appointment.

Schedule an appointment

Option #2: Mail the documents to the Graduate College

Request the issuing institution to mail the official documents in a university-sealed envelope to:

Graduate College
Grosvenor Hall 102
1 Ohio University Drive
Athens OH 45701

If you mail your document to our office, the document cannot be returned to you. If you only have one copy of your documents and you need them returned to you, do not choose this option.

Option #3: Have your documents evaluated by a NACES-member organization

You can have your documents evaluated by a NACES member organization, and have that evaluation sent directly to the Graduate College.

In order to be considered official, the evaluation must include verified copies of the academic documents evaluated and the evaluation must come to the Graduate College directly from the evaluation company.

Required Documents

Admitted students must submit the following documents unless otherwise noted in the requirements for specific countries.

Official Transcript

  • Transcripts from non-U.S. institutions must be official or registrar-certified, in envelopes sealed by the issuing institution if possible.
  • If it is not possible to submit a transcript in a university-sealed envelope to the Graduate College, then official transcripts may be submitted along with an official degree certificate. 

Transcripts from non-U.S. institutions must:

  • Show the seal and original signature of the school and school official
  • Clearly show the name and address of the institution
  • Show the date you entered and left the institution and the date any degree was earned
  • Show all courses taken and grades received, and the system of grading used, indicating the highest mark and the lowest passing mark.

*If English is not the language of instruction, you must provide the document in the original language and an English translation. Only translations by the degree-issuing university, a NACES organization, an EducationUSA office, or the Ministry of Education are acceptable unless otherwise noted.

Please note that digital “email transcripts” sent directly to the Graduate College by the issuing university are accepted for application review only. Admitted students must provide official paper documents as described above.

A Note For US-PAK Knowledge Corridor Students

Ohio University is no longer accepting applications from students participating in the US-PAK Knowledge Corridor, as per a policy change made by the HEC.

Current Ohio University students who are supported by the Knowledge Corridor Program will continue to have their stipends funded by HEC for the timeframe stated in their original HEC agreements and Ohio University will continue to provide their tuition scholarship as long as those stipends are in place. Questions or concerns can be sent to

International Credential Evaluations

Ohio University accepts international credential evaluations from applicants who have attended colleges/universities outside of the United States. Credential evaluations must be completed by an evaluation company that is a member of NACES. 

Credential evaluations must include a course-by-course report and an assessment of the U.S. equivalency of the academic credit. Evaluations and verified copies of the academic documents used in the assessment must be sent by the evaluation service directly to the Ohio University Graduate College. This evaluation is considered an official transcript.

NACES Organizations