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Gordon Brooks

Brooks Gordon
Educational Studies
Patton Hall 302Q

Dr. Gordon Brooks received the B.A. in Computer Science and Economics from the College of William and Mary. He holds the M.A. in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from Ohio University and the Ph.D. in Educational Research and Evaluation from Ohio University. Dr. Brooks teaches courses in the Educational Research and Evaluation program. His scholarship examines statistical techniques as well as the teaching of statistics, and he also develops software programs that help instructors explain statistical concepts.

Most Recent Publications:

Li, Y., Brooks, G. P., & Johanson, G. A. (2012). Item discrimination and Type I error in the detection of differential item functioning. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 72, 847-861. doi:10.1177/0013164411432333

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Brooks, G. P. (2011). Qualitative experimentation, local generalizability, and other oxymoronic opportunities for educated researchers. Mid-Western Educational Researcher, 24(4), 10-20.

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Freeman, M. L., Conley, V. M., & Brooks, G. P. (2006). Successful vertical transitions: What separates community college transfers who earn the baccalaureate from those who don't? Journal of Applied Researched on the Community College, 13, 141-150.

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