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Society of Alumni and Friends

The Society of Alumni and Friends for Teacher Education (SAFTE) is an organization that aids, assists, and promotes The Patton College of Education. Membership in the Society is open to all alumni and friends of Teacher Education in The Patton College at Ohio University. In order to support the goals of the College, members of SAFTE promote and facilitate the active involvement of alumni and friends through professional networking, volunteer service, and/or financial contributions.

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SAFTE Members

As graduates who have been immersed in the world of education, SAFTE members offer unique advice to education students. While assistance to students and other alumni is always encouraged on a personal level, the organization upholds certain yearly responsibilities.

The society meets on Ohio University’s campus two to three times annually as a governing board to discuss ideas and goals. These meetings allow members to learn about what is happening within the college and to reconnect with campus life. In addition, it provides an opportunity to expand and re-examine volunteering options.

The SAFTE board currently sponsors two conferences, one held in the fall and one in the spring, to support current students in their understanding of the profession. The conferences are held to help students in the transition between life as a student and as a professional. At each conference, there are a variety of sessions led by panels of board members and alumni who offer information and practical advice to help students on their path to a successful career. For example, the panels tend to put a large focus on aspects of the job search, including résumé and portfolio suggestions, as well as interview techniques and tips.

Beyond the conference, SAFTE members stay dedicated to Teacher Education by collaborating with other alumni on various projects. SAFTE also plays an important role in the recruitment process through encouraging high school students in their communities to consider attending Ohio University’s Patton College of Education.

How can I get involved?

The Society of Alumni and Friends for Teacher Education is always looking for new members to join, whether longtime alumni, recent graduates, or friends of Teacher Education. Get involved by:

- Demonstrating an interest in Teacher Education through volunteer services and recruitment

- Making a contribution to the Society of Alumni and Friends Endowment

- Becoming a member of the Society

To join the Society of Alumni and Friends for Teacher Education or to learn more about the organization, contact Derek Burtch at

The most important trait of a SAFTE member is a vested interest in education and the lifelong learning of education professionals