The Bandana Project

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The Bandana Project is a national mental health awareness and suicide prevention campaign. Members of the program tie a lime green bandana to their backpack, which signifies that they carry national and local mental health and suicide prevention resources. This program works against the societal stigma associated with mental illness and creates more supportive communities. Having a bandana means that you are willing to have a conversation about mental health concerns and shows that it is normal to get help for your mental health.

What can you do to join the Bandana Project?

  • Come to the Health Promotion office in Baker 339!
  • Stop by one of our tabling events across campus!
  • Step 1: Watch the Bandana Project welcome video
  • Step 2: Get a green bandana
  • Step 3: Get some resource cards
  • Step 4: Have informed conversations about mental health

Interested in joining the Bandana Project or learning more?

  • Visit our office in Baker 339
  • Make a request here
  • Contact us by email:
  • Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @OHIO_HP