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Pavel Vasiliev

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Assistant Professor of Instruction


Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2013 

Research Areas

  • Punishment and Social Structure 
  • Legal and Extrajudicial Determinants of Incarceration Rates 
  • International Crime and Justice 
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Change in Criminal Justice Policy 

Selected Courses

  • SOC 4620/5620 Sociology of the Courts 
  • SOC 3640 Police and Society
  • SOC 3625 Crime, Race, and Justice 
  • SOC 2610 Deviant Behavior
  • SOC 2600 Criminal Justice 

Selected Publications

Vasiliev, Pavel. 2023. “Flexible Labor and Political Competition: Understanding Women’s Race-Specific Incarceration Rates.” Critical Criminology (00), p. 1-18.

Vasiliev, Pavel. 2021. “Inter-Party Competition, Public Electoral Pressure, and Democratic Strength: Refining Political Explanations of Incarceration Trends in the U.S., 1980 – 2010.” Criminal Justice Review (00), pp. 1-19.

Shelden, Randall and Pavel Vasiliev. 2018. Controlling the Dangerous Classes: A History of Criminal Justice in America. Waveland Press: Long Grove, IL.

Vasiliev, Pavel and Bo Bernhard. 2011. “Prohibitions and Policy in the Global Gaming Industry: A Genealogy and Mass Media Content Analysis of Gaming Restrictions in Contemporary Russia.” UNLV Gaming Research and Review Journal 15(1), pp.71-86.