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Matthew Stallard

Matthew Stallard, portrait
Associate Professor of Instruction Emeritus


Ph.D. English: Renaissance Literature, Ohio University

M.A. English: Literary History, Ohio University

A.B. English summa cum laude, Ohio University

Scholarly Focus

  • English Renaissance
  • Protestant Reformation
  • History of the English Language
  • English Bible
  • John Milton
  • William Shakespeare


John Milton, Paradise Lost: The Biblically Annotated Edition. Macon: Mercer UP, 2011. 600 pages. ISBN: 978-0881462364

John Milton, Paradise Regained and the Minor Poems: The Biblically Annotated Edition. Forthcoming.

Reading Scripture in Seventeenth-Century England: The Religious Beliefs of John Milton. In progress.

Review of Kevin Killeen’s Biblical Scholarship, Science and Politics in Early Modern England: Thomas Browne and the Thorny Place of Knowledge, Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700 35.1 (2011): 61-63.

Review of Timothy Hodor’s The Crowd of Time, Quarter After Eight, Vol. 9, 2003.


Ohio University Associate Professor of English, 2016-present

Ohio University Assistant Professor of English, 2010-15

Ohio University First Year Council Committee, 2014-18

Ohio University Department of English Graduate Placement Committee, 2014-present

Ohio University Department of English Composition Committee, 2013-14

Ohio University Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2008-10

College of Arts and Sciences Scholars Program Faculty, 2008-12

Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference Advisory Board, 2008-09

John F. Cady Doctoral University Fellowship, 2007-08

English Collection Library Acquisitions Assistant, 2004-06

Assistant Editor, Milton Quarterly, 2003-04

AWA Fiction Book of the Year Selection Committee, 2003

Book Review Editor, Quarter After Eight, 2003

Selected Conference Presentations

“Echoing Ethos: Paradise Lost and 1611 Authorized Version of the Bible,” The Bible in the Seventeenth Century: The Authorised Version Quatercentenary (1611-2011); Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies University of York, United Kingdom, July 2011

“The Elephant in the Room: Milton’s Negotiation of Trinitarian Christology in Paradise Lost and the 1611 King James Bible,” The King James Bible and Its Cultural Afterlife: The Bible and Early Modern Radicals (Milton, Bunyon, and Others); Ohio State University, May 2011

“The Holy Spirit in Paradise Lost Books XI and XII,” 2009 Conference on John Milton; Middle Tennesee State University, October 2009

“‘The Blast of War Blows in Our Ears’: Henry V and the Rhetoric of the Just War Tradition,” The Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference; Ohio University, October 2009

”Paradise Lost and the 1560 Geneva Bible: The Necessity of Negotiating Milton’s Scriptural Contexts,” Medieval-Renaissance Conference XXIII; The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, September 2009

“‘Speaking a word in season’: The Rise of Protestant Print Culture, the Decline of Rhetoric, and the Emergence of Plain Style,” Invited Talk; The Chesnutt Reading Series in Honor of Dean McWilliams, Ohio University, May 2008

“The Bower of Tranquility: The Role of Violence in Romeo and Juliet,” Violently Shakespeare: The 2006 Ohio Shakespeare Conference; Marietta College, November 2006

“Guglielma and the Guglielmites: Heresy and Gender in the Thirteenth Century,” Medievalism and the Marvelous:The 21st International Conference on Medievalism; The Ohio State University, October 2006

“Langland’s Natural Theology: Trinitarian Discourse in Piers Plowman,” Medieval-Renaissance Conference XX; The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, September 2006

“‘The Shape of Nature’: Shakespeare’s Natural Theology in Twelfth Night,” Icons and Iconoclasts: The Long Seventeenth Century; Centre for Early Modern Studies at University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, July 2006

“‘In the straits of time’: Shaping Character in 1Henry IV,” Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters; Oakland University, March 2006

“‘Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind’: Rhetorical Seduction in Comus,” 2005 Conference on John Milton; Middle Tennesee State University, October 2005

“What Time of Day Is It Lad?: Time as Character in Shakespeare’s 1HenryIV” West Virginia Shakespeare and Renaissance Association Conference; Bethany College, May 2005

“Saint Peter’s Anglo-Saxon: The Reformation Voice in Milton’s Lycidas,” The International Milton Congress: Milton in Context; Duquesne University, March 2004

“The ‘Two-Handed Engine’ of Lycidas as Christ’s Second Advent,” 2003 Conference on John Milton; Middle Tennesee State University, October 2003

“Miltonic Resonance in John Fox’s The Trail of the Lonesome Pine: Appalachia Lost,” Annual Conference of the Appalachian Writer’s Association (AWA); Cumberland College, July 2003

“‘Appalachian-American’ as Transnational Identity,” Annual Convention of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association; Atlanta, 2003

Professional Associations

The Milton Society of America

The William Tyndale Society

Modern Language Association of America

South Atlantic Modern Language Association

National Council of Teachers of English

Appalachian Writers Association

Michigan Academy of Arts and Letters

Courses Taught

  • ENG 1510: Writing and Rhetoric I
  • ENG 151: RLC "Examining America"
  • ENG 152: Writing and Reading
  • ENG 200: Introduction to Literature
  • ENG 201: Critical Approaches to Fiction
  • ENG 2020: Critical Analysis of Poetry and Drama
  • ENG 250: Textual Analysis
  • ENG 251: English Literature to 1688 (second instructor)
  • ENG 254: Research and Writing in English Studies
  • ENG 3010: Shakespeare
  • ENG 302: Shakespeare's Comedies
  • ENG 303: Shakespeare's Tragedies
  • ENG 304: The English Bible
  • ENG 305J: Technical Writing
  • ENG 3060J: Women and Writing: The Disney Princess
  • ENG 3070J: Writing and Research in English Studies; Shakespeare's Kings
  • ENG 3080J: Writing and Rhetoric II; War and the Human Response
  • ENG 3080J: Writing and Rhetoric II; Ancient Rhetoric for Modern Students
  • ENG 3080J: Writing and Rhetoric II; Vikings! The Fury of the Northmen
  • ENG 3080J: Writing and Rhetoric II; The Wonderful World of Disney
  • ENG 3120: English Literature, 1500 to 1660
  • ENG 311: Medieval English Literature: Religious Dissent
  • ENG 312: Renaissance English Literature: The World of the Sonnet
  • ENG 312: Renaissance English Literature: The Prose and Poetry of John Milton
  • ENG 3510: History of the English Language
  • ENG 384J: Writing in the Professions
  • CAS 112: Scholars; Medieval and Renaissance Worlds
  • HUM 107: Great Books; Ancient World
  • HUM 109: Great Books; Modern World
  • HUM 307: Great Books; Ancient World
  • HUM 2070: Great Books; Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance
  • HUM 2080: Great Books; 17th Century through Modern