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Carey Snyder

Carey Snyder, portrait
Ellis 353, Athens Campus

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Ph.D., English, SUNY Stony Brook

M.A., English, Claremont Graduate School

B.A., English, UCLA

Scholarly Focus

  • British Modernism
  • New Woman Fiction
  • Suffrage Literature
  • Modernist Periodicals



British Fiction and Cross-Cultural Encounters: Ethnographic Modernism from Wells to Woolf. New York: Palgrave, 2008.

Scholarly Edition and Edited Collection

Editor of the Broadview Press edition of H. G. Wells’ Ann Veronica. Broadview Press, 2015. 

Co-editor, with Faith Binckes, Women, Periodicals, and Print Culture in Britain, 1890s-1920s: the Modernist Period. Edinburgh University Press, May 2019.

Recent Articles and Essays

Teaching Votes for Women! and Suffrage Propaganda in the Modernist Classroom.” Approaches to Teaching Modernist Women’s Writing, edited by Janine Utell.  Forthcoming MLA, 2020.

“Beatrice Hastings: Debating Suffrage in The New Age and Votes for Women.” Women, Periodicals, and Print Culture in Britain, 1890s-1920s: the Modernist Period, edited by Faith Binckes and Carey Snyder, Edinburgh University Press, 2019, pp. 242-257.

“The Iconoclasm of H. G. Wells.” Literary and Cultural Alternatives to Modernism: Unsettling Presences, edited by Marky Sandy, Tony Patterson, Kostas Boyiopoulos, Routledge, 2019, pp 201-213.

Co-written with Leif Sorenson, “Letters to the Editor as a Serial Form.” Journal of Modern Periodical Studies, vol. 9, no. 1, 2019, pp. 123-146.

“Beatrice Hastings’s Sparring Pseudonyms, Feminism, and The New Age.” Beatrice Hastings: On the Life and Work of a 20th Century Master, edited by Erika Jo Brown and Ben Johnson, Pleiades Press, 2016, pp. 170-187.

Brave New World and Vanity Fair: A ‘draught that will make you […] lighthearted and gay.’” Brave New World: Contexts and Legacies, edited by Jonathan Greenberg and Nathan Waddell, Palgrave, 2016, pp. 127-148.

“Katherine Mansfield, Rhythm, and Metropolitan Primitivism.” Journal of Modern Periodical Studies, vol. 5, no. 2, 2014, pp. 138-159.

“Katherine Mansfield, D. H. Lawrence, and Imperial Nostalgia.” Modernism and Nostalgia: Bodies, Locations, Aesthetics, edited by Tammy Clewell, Palgrave, 2013, pp. 131-148.

“‘More Undraped Females and Champagne Glasses’: Ford Madox Ford’s Ambivalent Affair with Mass Culture.” Ford Madox Ford and America, edited by Sara Haslam and Seamus O'Malley, Rodopi, 2012, pp. 139-153.

“Katherine Mansfield and the New Age School of Satire.” Journal of Modern Periodical Studies, vol. 1, no. 2, 2010, pp. 125-158.


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  • ENG 315, 20th Century British Literature
  • ENG 314, 19th Century British Literature
  • ENG 460, Expatriates in Paris, 1909-1939
  • ENG 460, Primitivism in Modern Art and Literature
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  • ENG 5720/7270: New Woman Fiction