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Carey Snyder

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Ellis 353

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Ph.D., English, SUNY Stony Brook

M.A., English, Claremont Graduate School

B.A., English, UCLA

Scholarly Focus

  • British Modernism
  • New Woman Fiction
  • Suffrage Literature
  • Modernist Periodicals


Edited Book

H. G. Wells’s Ann Veronica: A Broadview Literary Text Edition. Petersborough, Ont: Broadview Press, November 2015.


British Fiction and Cross-Cultural Encounters: Ethnographic Modernism from Wells to Woolf. New York: Palgrave, 2008.


Brave New World and Vanity Fair: A ‘draught that will make you […] lighthearted and gay.’” Brave New World: Contexts and Legacies. Eds Jonathan Greenberg and Nathan Waddell. Forthcoming NY: Palgrave, 2016.

“Katherine Mansfield, Rhythm, and Metropolitan Primitivism”. Journal of Modern Periodical Studies, 5:2 (December 2014).

“Katherine Mansfield, D. H. Lawrence, and Imperial Nostalgia,” in Modernism and Nostalgia: Bodies, Locations, Aesthetics, ed. Tammy Clewell. 131-148. NY: Palgrave, May 2013.

“‘More Undraped Females and Champagne Glasses’: Ford Madox Ford’s Ambivalent Affair with Mass Culture,” in Ford Madox Ford and America. Eds Sara Haslam and Seamus O’Malley. New York and Amsterdam: Rodopi (2012).

“Katherine Mansfield and the New Age School of Satire,” Journal of Modern Periodical Studies (JMPS), December 2010.

“Interrogating the Naïve ‘Ethnographic Reading’: Narrative Complexity in Things Fall Apart,” College Literature, 35:2, Spring 2008. (Selected to be reprinted in Harold Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations Series, in the volume, Things Fall Apart (Chelsea House Publications, 2009.)

“‘When the Indian was in Vogue’: D. H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, and Ethnological Tourism in the Southwest,” Modern Fiction Studies, 53:4, Winter 2007. (Winner of the Margaret Churchill Award for best MFS article of 2007.)

“Woolf’s Ethnographic Modernism: Self-Nativizing in The Voyage Out and Beyond,” Woolf Studies Annual, Volume 10, 2004.

Reference Guide Entries

Entry on “Primitivism,” forthcoming Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, ed. Stephen Ross (2013).

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  • ENG 252, British Literature Survey, 1688-Present
  • ENG 315, 20th Century British Literature
  • ENG 314, 19th Century British Literature
  • ENG 460, Expatriates in Paris, 1909-1939
  • ENG 460, Primitivism in Modern Art and Literature
  • ENG 460, Gender and Modernism
  • ENG 464, Woolf and Winterson
  • ENG 464, Woolf and Forster
  • ENG 464, Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, and Jean Rhys
  • ENG 570/774, Modernist Character in Shreds (Modernist Experimentation in Character)
  • ENG 570/774, Going Native: Ethnographic Modernism
  • ENG 570/774, Modernism with a Baedaker: Exploration, Travel, and Tourism in Modern British Literature
  • ENG 570/774, Twentieth Century British Literature: Debunking the Victorians
  • ENG 570/727, Modernist Time, Memory, and Narration
  • ENG 5720/7270: New Woman Fiction