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Randy Price

Randy Price, portrait
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Gordy 155E, Athens Campus

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Hometown: I grew up on a farm in the small hamlet of Patriot, Ohio; a dot in rural southeastern Ohio. I now reside in New Concord, Ohio.  

Education: I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in English from the University of Rio Grande, my Master of Arts in Counseling from Marshall University, and my Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Ohio University. I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Hobbies: Plants. Just come to my office and meet my menagerie. I love to work in my flower and vegetable gardens in the summer and my chickens and honeybees keep me supplied with eggs and honey.

Favorite Artists: While I enjoy all types of music, I am a lover of books and reading. I am a huge fan of Stephen King.

Pets: One dog named Mia. Do chickens count?

Why OHIO? Why not OHIO? Our campus, our faculty, our students. No need to look any further for the best student-centered learning experience in Ohio. I enjoy the excitement and challenges that come with helping students realize their potential.  

Any advice? Take a chance. Go to the lecture. Go to the game. Go to the club meeting. Make friends. Challenge yourself. Explore all that OHIO has to offer. The education and experiences you have now will have an impact on the rest of your life.