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Harold Perkins

Harold Perkins, portrait outdoors
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair
Lindley N388, Athens Campus

Office Hours

Wednesday, 1 to 3 p.m.; Thursday, 3 to 5 p.m.; or by appointment

Recent News


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, 2006


  • Political ecology and economy of environments, including topics of neoliberalization, the state, governance, environmental justice, and the agency of nonhuman organisms

My research focuses on urban political ecology and environmental (in) justice. I study urban environments including forest, parks, and waterways to examine underlying processes that create uneven and deeply disempowering relations to nature within neoliberal forms of capitalism.

More specifically, I employ a political economy perspective to delve more thoroughly into the complex issues of urban environmental governance in the wake of state retrenchment, where multiple actors assume responsibility for environmental service provision. I am also interested in the political status of nonhuman organisms within capitalist urbanism.

Courses Taught

  • GEOG 6500: Seminar in Environmental Justice
  • GEOG 5000: Geographical Research and Writing
  • GEOG 4560/5560: City and Environment
  • GEOG 3250/5250: Political Geography
  • GEOG 1400: Introduction to Environmental Geography
  • University College 1900: Learning Community Seminar in Geography

Representative Publications

Perkins, H.A. 2017. “Neoliberalism and the Environment” The International Encyclopedia of Geography London: Wiley. pp. 1-12.

Kozlowski, M. and H.A. Perkins. 2016. “Environmental Injustice in Appalachia? An Expanded Consideration of Privilege and the Role It Plays in Defending the Contaminated Status Quo in a White, Working Class Community” Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability. 21(10): 1288-1304.

Leciejewski, M. and H.A. Perkins. 2015. “Environmental Justice in Appalachia: Procedural Inequities in the Mine Permitting Process in Southeast Ohio.” Environmental Justice. 8(4): 111-116.

Perkins, H.A. 2013. “Consent to Neoliberal Hegemony through Coercive Urban Environmental Governance.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 37(1): 311-327.

Perkins, H.A. 2011. “Gramsci in Green: Neoliberal Hegemony through Urban Forestry and the Potential for a Political Ecology of Praxis.” Geoforum. 42(5): 558-566.

Perkins, H.A. 2010. “Capital, Subsistence, and Lakeside Violence: Walleye Wars and the Killing of Cormorants in the North Woods” Human Geography. 3(1): 89-107.

Selected Student Projects

Angela Chapman (Geography), Thesis title: “The Neoliberal Economy of Food: Evaluating the Ability of the Local Food System around Athens, Ohio to Address Food Insecurity.” June 2017.

Katharine Campbell (Geography), Thesis title: “New Territories of Equality: Conceptualizations of Climate Justice in International Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations” May 2013.

Kevin Blank (Geography), Thesis title: “Downtown Appalachia: Revitalization and Green Governance in Charleston, WV” June 2012.

Mia DeNardi (Geography), Thesis title: “Symbols and Identity in Siena, Italy” June 2012.

Michelle Kozlowski (Geography), Thesis title: “Environmental Justice in Appalachia: A Case Study of C8 Contamination in Little Hocking, Ohio” June 2012.

Mary Leciejewski (Environmental Studies), Thesis title: “Environmental Justice in Appalachia: A Comprehensive Study of a Proposed Strip Mine in Bern Township, Ohio” June 2012.

Eliza Clarke-Thrush (Geography), Thesis title: “Wetland Regulation and Mitigation: A Case Study from Twinsburg, Ohio” August 2009.