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Naomi Hill

Naomi Hill, portrait
Graduate Student

Year of Entry



Clinical Psychology


Dr. Jean Forney

Selected Poster Presentations

Hill, N. G., Jo, J. H., & Forney, K. J. (2023, September). Distress and moral emotions are the strongest longitudinal predictors of “feeling fat.” Poster to be presented at the Eating Disorders Research Society, Boston, Massachusetts.

Rezeppa, T. L., Pucci, G., Hill, N. G., Jo, J., & Forney, K. J. (2023, November). An evaluation of normative intraday weight fluctuations and correlates to inform weight exposures in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for eating disorders. Poster to be presented at the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Seattle, Washington.

Hill, N. G., Abber, S. R. & Keel, P. K. (2022, June). The role of sexual assault history in bulimic-spectrum symptoms. Poster presentation (virtual) at the International Conference on Eating Disorders.