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Danny R. Moates

Dr. Danny R. Moates, portrait
Associate Professor Emeritus
Porter 255b


A.B. (1959) Harvard University

M.A. (1966) Vanderbilt University

Ph.D. (1968) Vanderbilt University


Research Areas

  • Experimental Psychology


  • Psycholinguistics

Dr. Moates is not accepting new graduate students.

Research Interests

  • Spoken word recognition
  • The mental lexicon


Stockmal, V., Bond, Z. S., & Moates, D. R. (2004). Judging voice similarity in unknown languages. Proceedings of the 17th Congress of Linguists. Prague. (CD-ROM)

Lee, Chao-Yang, & Moates, Danny R. (submitted). The feature [sonorant] in spoken
word recognition. The Mental Lexicon.

Moates, Danny R., & Marks, Emilia Alonso (submitted). Vowel mutability in print in
English and Spanish. The Mental Lexicon.

Stockmal, Verna, Moates, Danny R., & Bond, Zinny S. (2011). On talker voice and language identification. Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Hong Kong. (CD-ROM).

Courses Taught

  • Graduate and undergraduate Psycholinguistics
  • Graduate and unergraduate Cognitive Processes
  • Graduate and undergraduate History and Systems

Graduate Students

  • 18 doctoral students

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