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Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas, portrait
Professor of Instruction and LON-CAPA Manager
Clippinger 046, Athens Campus
Institute of Nuclear & Particle Physics

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Ph.D., University of Illinois (1994)



Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (INPP)

Personal Profile

Mark Lucas is a nuclear experimentalist who now focuses on teaching, the use of technology in education, and science outreach to the Southeast Ohio area. He comes to Ohio University by way of Purdue University (a Boilermaker through and through) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he spent his time shedding "light" on the deuteron through Nuclear Compton Scattering. After four years at the Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island, he returned to his home state of Ohio.

Currently, he spends his time coordinating the Algebra-based Introductory Physics sequence, administering the LON-CAPA open-source course management system for the department, and helping other faculty in their use of technology in the lecture hall. With a strong interest in reaching out to the community, Lucas is one of two Region 10 District Directors for the Science Education Council of Ohio. He works with several local high schools who are using LON-CAPA, and he enjoys making sure people have fun with physics, helping organize such events as the Department of Physics and Astronomy Open Houses.

When not buried in his office or in lectures, he might be found teaching his two sons how to program computer games, playing with LEGOS, playing the recorder, remodeling his basement, or singing with the church choir.

Lucas received the 2003 Arts & Sciences Group II Outstanding Faculty Award.