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Levi Toback

Levi Toback, portrait by Porter Hall sign
Graduate Student

Year of Entry

Fall 2018


Clinical Psychology


Levi is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at Ohio University. He received his BS in Psychology with a minor in Music Theory & Composition from Drexel University, and his MS in Counseling & Clinical Health Psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM).

Levi's clinical background involves work with intellectual disability in the community and inpatient psychiatric stabilization. He also worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator through Pennsylvania State University studying the intersection of parenting, sleep, cognition and child maltreatment in Philadelphia homes. Levi's current research interests involve understanding transactional emotion dysregulation and behavioral disinhibition in families of children with ADHD and ODD, and in particular, how behavioral antecedents such as sleep and exercise may influence those dynamics.

His hobbies include arranging and singing contemporary A Cappella music, practicing Aikido, shooting pool, hiking/camping and playing ultimate frisbee.