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Auditory Neurophysiology Laboratory Publications

Haragopal, H., Dorkoski, R., Pollard, A.R., Whaley, G.A., Wohl, T.R., Stroud, N.C. and Day, M.L. (2020) Specific loss of neural sensitivity to interaural time difference of unmodulated noise stimuli following noise-induced hearing loss. J Neurophysiol. 124: 1165-1182.

Ryan Dorkoski , Kenneth E. Hancock, Gareth A. Whaley , Timothy R. Wohl, Noelle C. Stroud, Mitchell L. Day (2020) Stimulus-frequency-dependent dominance of sound localization cues across the cochleotopic map of the inferior colliculus. J Neurophysiol. 123: 1791-1807.

Haragopal, H., Dorkoski, R., Johnson, H.M., Berryman, M.A., Tanda, S. and Day, M.L. (2020) Paired measurements of cochlear function and hair cell count in Dutch-belted rabbits with noise-induced hearing loss. Hear Res 385:107845.

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