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Ian Klein

Ian Klein
Associate Professor of Instruction

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2015 M.S. Physiology of Exercise, Department of Exercise Physiology, Ohio University, Athens, OH

2012 B.S. Exercise Physiology, Department of Exercise Physiology, Ohio University, Athens, OH

Courses Taught:

  • BIOS 1300: Principles of Human Anatomy & Physiology I Laboratory
  • BIOS 1310: Principles of Human Anatomy & Physiology II Laboratory
  • BIOS 3010: Human Anatomy Lecture
  • BIOS 3015: Human Anatomy Laboratory

Research Interests

  • Exercise Physiology Fitness Testing (Athletic Teams, Community Members, & High School Athletes)
  • ElliptiGO Research
  • Cross-Training for Runners
  • Injury Prevention


I have a passion to understand how the musculoskeletal prevents injury and allows for athletic performances. As an undergraduate at Ohio University, I was enthralled by anatomy and exercise physiology. As a cross-country student-athlete, I struggled to solve the mystery of how to my prevent injuries and maximize my performances from a physiological standpoint.

During graduate school in exercise physiology I began to piece together these things. My love for sports and coaching led me to become a volunteer coach for the men's and women's cross country, track & field, and field hockey teams while completing my degree. I now work with these teams in addition to my full time career as a lecturer in human anatomy and physiology courses.

I teach Biological Science major students (Pre-Med, PT, AT, PA, OT, etc.) and non-major students (nursing, nutrition, public health, etc.) and "coach" them to success in the classroom. My ElliptiGO research ( blends together my love for athletics, physiology, and preventing injuries. Overall I am passionate about enabling my students, athletes, and others to success through science and sport.


Klein, Ian E., White, Jason B., Rana, Sharon R., A Comparison of Physiological Variables between the Elliptical Bicycle and Run Training in Experienced Runners . J Strength Cond Res. 30(11)/2998–3006, 2016.