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Michael Grant

Dr. Michael Grant, portrait
Director of Online Education in Psychology, Associate Professor of Instruction and Undergraduate Academic Adviser
Porter 241, Athens Campus


Ph.D. (2003) The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Biobehavioral Health

B.S. (1999) The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Biobehavioral Health (Distinction and Honors)

Courses Taught

  • PSY 1010 – General Psychology
  • PSY 3420 – Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
  • PSY 4410 – Prenatal Influences on Development
  • PSY 7926 – Graduate Teaching Practicum
  • PSY 3410 – Behavioral Genetics & Individual Differences

About Michael Grant

I received my formal academic training (B.S. & Ph.D.) at The Pennsylvania State University. After earning my doctorate, I spent nine years at Boston University as a NRSA Post-Doctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor.

My research at BU included a longitudinal study of cognitive aging assessing identical and fraternal twin pairs called the Vietnam Era Twin Study of Aging (VETSA). My training as a behavior geneticist facilitated my academic interests in the nature and nurture of age-related outcomes.

Since arriving at Ohio University in 2013, I have enthusiastically taken on more of a teaching and administrative role. I currently teach courses focusing on: general psychology, behavior genetics, child and adolescent development, psychology of aging, and prenatal influences on child development.

I have also been a committee member on OHIO’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) since arriving at OHIO. The IRB governs the ethical conduct of human and animal research conducted here at the university.

Lastly, I serve as an undergraduate academic adviser and take great pride in helping our undergraduate student’s academic careers.