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Howard D. Dewald

Dr. Howard D. Dewald, portrait
Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry 317, Athens Campus

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Ph.D., New Mexico State University


  • Applied Voltammetry in Clinical, Environmental and Forensic Chemistry
  • Fundamental Electrochemical Studies in Chaos and Lithium Ion Batteries

Our research program is directed around the use of voltammetric electroanalytical techniques for both applied and fundamental research problems.

Stripping Analysis is a means to typically determine trace heavy metal ion concentrations in clinical, environmental, and forensic applications, and constitutes a major use in our laboratories. Research in progress includes analysis of gunshot residue (GSR) for antimony, lead, and barium. Also, metallic ions present in acid mine drainage in locally impacted water bodies, such as Monday Creek, are being monitored.

LCEC (liquid chromatography combined with amperometric electrochemical detection) is being used in the analysis of isoflavones and coumarins. These compounds are natural plant products. The coumarins are responsible for astringency and fragrances. The isoflavones possess both estrogenic and anti-cancer properties.

Electrochemical oscillatory, nonlinear dynamics and chaos observed in the oxidation of copper electrodes in acetate solutions has been under study for several years. The control of chaos and stabilization of periodic oscillations and the chemical analysis and interpretation of the oscillatory processes continue to be of interest.

Lithium ion batteries have recently become a new focus for the research group. We are investigating the oxidation of the graphite-coated copper electrode current collectors in LiPF6-organic carbonates battery electrolyte/solvent.

Selected Publications

Voltammetry of Coumarins. Wu, Q.; Dewald, H. D. Electroanalysis 2001, 13(1), 45-8.

Pulse Anodic Stripping Voltammetry of Barium and Lead in Gunshot Residues. Woolever, C. A.; Dewald, H. D. Forensic Sci. Int. 2001, 117(3), 185-90.

Stripping Potentiometry of Indium in Aqueous Chloride Solutions. Wilson, M. M.; Dewald,H. D. Microchem. J. 2001, 69(1), 13-9.

Open-Circuit Voltage Study of Graphite-Coated Copper Foil Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes. Zhao, M.; Xu, M.; Dewald, H. D.; Staniewicz, R. J. J. Electrochem. Soc. 2003, 150(1), A117-20.

Quantitation of the Dissolution of Battery-Grade Copper Foils in Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. Zhao, M.; Dewald, H. D.; Staniewicz, R. J. Electrochim. Acta. 2004, 49(5), 683-9.