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A&S Academics Unit

The Academics Unit, part of the A&S Support Team, is composed of nine staff members who support departments and programs in three primary areas: semester course evaluations; course scheduling and enrollment; and graduate programs. 

What we do:

  • Semester course evaluations
  • Annual chair/director evaluations
  • Semester course schedule entry and updates
  • Graduate program support
  • Syllabi collection and archiving
  • Swipe access to College buildings
  • Oversight of and
  • Building liaisons for Bentley Annex, Bentley Hall, Ellis Hall, Lindley Hall, and Wilson Hall Admin.

For all other academic-related requests, e-mail

Academics Unit Mission Statement

To provide values-based, outstanding support to the departments, programs, and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences, and by doing so, to contribute to the success of the CAS Support Team.

Our values:

  • Customer service delivered with integrity, empathy, dispatch, and professionalism; focus on relationship-building and establishing a reputation for credibility
  • A positive outlook—can-do attitude
  • Collaborative and creative approach to problem-solving, working with others, and creating processes and procedures
  • Adaptability. Our motto is "Semper Gumby."
  • Strive for effective, mutually respectful communication. "Communicate, don’t escalate."
  • Commitment to and care for each other and to the unit; growing together using collective knowledge and experience
  • Continuous improvement by taking advantage of professional development opportunities, welcoming new ideas, and serving on university committees

Department Contacts

  • African American Studies — Kara Dunfee
  • Biological Sciences — Penny Nutter
  • Center for Law, Justice & Culture — Kara Dunfee
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry — Michelle Raines
  • Classics & Religious Studies — Bryan Baur
  • College of Arts & Sciences — Bryan Baur
  • Contemporary History Institute — Brenda Nelson
  • Economics — Michelle Raines
  • English — Bryan Baur
  • Environmental & Plant Biology — Bryan Baur
  • Geography — Cheri Sheets
  • Geological Sciences — Cheri Sheets
  • History — Brenda Nelson
  • Linguistics — Benda Nelson
  • Mathematics — Kara Dunfee
  • Modern Languages — Brenda Nelson
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology — Bryan Baur
  • Ohio Program of Intensive English — Rena Peters
  • Philosophy — Penny Nutter
  • Physics & Astronomy — Cheri Sheets
  • Political Science — Kara Dunfee
  • Psychology — Rena Peters
  • Sociology & Anthropology — Kara Dunfee
  • Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies — Brenda Nelson

Academics Unit Directory

Administrative Specialist
Ellis 201B, Athens Campus
Administrative Specialist
Bentley Annex 207, Athens Campus
Administrative Specialist
Bentley Annex 203, Athens Campus
Administrative Specialist
Ellis 201A, Athens Campus
Administrative Specialist
Bentley Annex 205, Athens Campus
Business Manager, Academics
Ellis 201E, Athens Campus
Administrative Specialist
Bentley Annex 209, Athens Campus
Administrative Specialist
Ellis 201C, Athens Campus
Executive Assistant and Dean’s Office Liaison
Wilson Administrative 204-B, Athens Campus