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CAS Policy for On-Campus Conference Support


The College of Arts and Sciences, subject to the availability of funds, may provide partial support for on-campus academic conferences organized by its faculty, departments, centers/institutes, or student organizations. This policy aims to clarify the parameters around the College support through which on-campus conferences organized by our faculty and students are supported and offered in a manner that aligns with the college’s academic mission to promote a culture of academic excellence, collaboration, and inclusiveness.


This policy applies to all on-campus (Athens or RHE) conferences organized by college-affiliated faculty and students.

Policy Statement

  1. Eligibility:  Academic departments, student organizations, and other college-affiliated groups that are in good standing with the university are eligible to apply for support for on-campus conferences where there is a clear academic or scholarly purpose for organizing the conference. This program will not generally support conferences that are held annually at Ohio University.
  2. Funding:  Support from the college may include financial assistance, in-kind support, or access to university resources and facilities. The decision to provide support and the amount of support offered will depend on academic merit and relevance of the conference, the number participants, the promotion of OHIO faculty and student research, and the availability of resources. The CAS contribution should always be part of a multi-contributor cost-share model. Typically, college financial support will be on the order of $200 to $2,000.
  3. Application Process:  Groups seeking on-campus conference support must submit a statement (to outlining the purpose, objectives, and expected outcomes of the conference, as well as a detailed budget and a plan for utilizing university resources. Applications will be reviewed by the college leadership, and decisions will be made based on the academic merit and alignment with the college’s mission and values. Financial requests should be for specific purposes (e.g., plenary speaker honorarium, student registration scholarships, etc.) and not just for "general support." 
  4. Use of University Facilities:  Groups organizing on-campus conferences may request the use of university facilities, such as lecture halls, classrooms, or meeting rooms, for conference sessions and activities. Requests for facility use must be submitted in advance and approved by the appropriate university authorities. Ohio University Conference Services should be contacted a full year before the event. They are very helpful in identifying space and can assist with all aspects of conference management.
  5. Promotion and Marketing:  On-campus conferences supported by the university may be promoted through university communication and marketing (UCM) channels, such as the university website, social media, and campus-wide announcements. However, all promotional materials must adhere to university branding and communication guidelines and cleared with the Director of Academic Marketing. The conference organizers should work with CAS leadership and UCM to ensure proper acknowledgment of college support.
  6. Academic Oversight:  On-campus conferences must have an academic oversight committee or faculty advisor to ensure that the conference content and activities align with academic standards and expectations. The academic oversight committee or advisor will also provide guidance and support to the conference organizers throughout the planning and execution of the conference.
  7. Reporting and Evaluation:  Groups receiving on-campus conference support are required to submit a one-page, post-conference report (to outlining the outcomes and impact of the conference, as well as a financial report detailing the use of allocated funds. This information will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the support provided and inform future decisions regarding on-campus conference support.
  8. Compliance:  All on-campus conferences supported by the university must comply with university policies, including those related to event planning, food-alcohol service, financial management, and academic integrity.
  9. Review and Revision:  This policy will be reviewed and revised as necessary to ensure that it remains aligned with the college’s academic mission and values. Any proposed revisions to this policy will be subject to review and approval by the appropriate university authorities.


Effective date: 1-MAR-2024