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Samuel Crowl

Samuel Crowl , portrait
Trustee Professor of English Emeritus

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Ph.D., English, Indiana University, 1970

A.B., Philosophy, Hamilton College, 1962

Scholarly Focus

  • Shakespeare
  • Renaissance Drama

Sam Crowl is Professor of English at Ohio University where he has taught since 1970. He has twice been honored for distinguished teaching and served as Dean of University College from 1981-92. Crowl has held an Observership with the Royal Shakespeare Company and has published and lectured widely on performance aspects of Shakespeare.

Sam Crowl is the author of Shakespeare Observed (1992) and many articles on performance aspects of Shakespeare in such journals as: Shakespeare Quarterly, Shakespeare Survey, and Shakespeare Bulletin. His undergraduate and graduate courses in Shakespeare are critically and theoretically focused not only on text but on the text in performance, on stage, film, and video.



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Chapters in Books

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Recent Articles

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Courses Taught

  • Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare on Film
  • Literature and Film
  • Drama in Performance
  • 19th and 20th Century Novel