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Adam Rapp

Rapp, Adam
The Ralph & Luci Schey Professor of Sales; Executive Director, Schey Sales Centre
31 S. Court Street


  • Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2006
  • MBA, Villanova University, 2001
  • B.S., Penn State University, 1997


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  • Top Reviewer Award | Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management
  • Ohio University College of Business Research Impact Award
  • America Marketing Association - Sales SIG Most Impactful Sales Paper
  • Shugan’s Top 20 Marketing Meta-Journal (Most Cited Marketing Articles)
  • Marketing Science Institute Research Grant | Creating Selling Synergies through Data Analytics
  • Sales Education Foundation Research Grant | Customer Analysis to Build Better Sales Pipelines
  • Special Issue Editor | Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management; Journal of Services Research
  • Sales Technology Book | SFA and CRM: A Focus on Selection and Implementation
  • Sales Practice Book | Transformative Sales: Becoming a Resource Manager and Knowledge Broker
  • Principal | Sales and Leadership Development Group; GATS Group Consulting
  • Teaching Excellence Award | Clemson University 2011; Kent State University 2007
  • National Collegiate Sales Competition | 5th Place Team; 4th and 9th Individual
  • Harvard Business Review Blog Network | Use Your Sales Force’s Competitive Intelligence Wisely
  • Best Theory Paper Award | Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management
  • Citations of Excellence Award | Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science


Dr. Adam Rapp is currently the Executive Director and the Ralph and Luci Schey Professor of Sales at Ohio University. Prior to joining the faculty at Ohio, he was the D. Paul Jones and Charlene Jones Endowed Chair in Services Marketing at the University of Alabama. Previously, Adam was an assistant professor at Clemson University and Kent State University. He has been invited to present at Harvard University and Columbia University, among others, to discuss his cutting edge techniques and approach to sales management. His work on the Hybrid Manager and Managing Millennials is being taught at institutions around the world. Adam is a visiting lecturer at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in Belgium, University of Eastern Finland, and the Athens University of Economics and Business and the ALBA School in Greece. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut, an MBA from Villanova University, and an undergraduate degree from Penn State. Adam also spent two years as a doctoral fellow at the University of Houston, where he researched and taught in the Sales Excellence Institute.

Adam has won teaching awards at the University of Houston, University of Connecticut, the overall business school teaching award at Kent State and Clemson Universities, and most recently the Board of Trustees Award for Teaching and Research at Clemson University. Adam’s has published three books and over fifty peer-reviewed articles which examine factors influencing the performance of front-line service and sales personnel. He has presented at hundreds of conferences and events around the globe.

After earning his MBA, Adam spent several years in the market research industry, primarily responsible for selling market research products and services to premiere companies around the world, including Mondelez, Georgia Pacific, and the FOX News Network. He is founder of the GATS Group Consulting focusing on leadership training, assessment, and various market research activities and a principal at the Sales and Leadership Development Group. Adam has engaged in training and consulting work across several industries which include companies such as Adidas, BASF, Ecolab, Verizon, Bayer, Berlex, Fraser Paper Mills, TEKlinks, Morgan Stanley, Vistakon, Eisai Pharmaceuticals, AchieveGlobal, and Kimberly Clark, among others.

Adam most recently won the 2019 Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management Top Reviewer Award, 2018 College of Business Top Researcher Award, 2017 Ohio University Research Impact Award, the 2016 Citations of Excellence award for his publication, “Understanding social media effects across seller, retailer, and consumer interactions" - Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and the Neil Rackham award for sales knowledge dissemination (2014) and the most impactful theory article in the JPSSM (2014).