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Professionalism Policies

Student Professionalism Policies [PDF]

One of the unique demands on business students is the management of the fluid boundary between being a student and a working professional. Students have exposure to future employers and alumni as many employers participate in guest lectures, student events, and alumni gatherings at the College of Business.

Every interaction with faculty, staff, employers, and alumni involves developing your personal brand, reputation, and professionalism. Therefore we expect you to act with the highest standards of integrity, good judgment, timeliness, honesty, and open communication and will hold you accountable for your decisions and behavior. Consistently making the right choice will build your professional reputation while positively impacting every College of Business stakeholder, including fellow students, alumni, employers, faculty, and staff.

Please take a moment to review the College of Business Student Professionalism Policies [PDF]. All College of Business students are expected to adhere to these policies.

Contact Business Academic Advising & Career Services at with any questions regarding these policies and your responsibility to uphold these policies.