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Faculty and student organizations can request career readiness workshops be presented to their class or student group. Below you will find a list of available workshops and descriptions of each. All requests can be made by clicking the link below and must be submitted at least three weeks in advance of desired workshop date. Once your request is submitted a Business Academic Advising & Career Services staff member will follow up within one week concerning the status of the request.

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Workshops Offered

The Essential: Introduction to Handshake

Have you heard of Handshake? You know networking is important, but stuck on how to connect with alumni? In this workshop, we will focus on demoing Handshake. This will be an interactive session, please bring a laptop or tablet to explore the website.

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Are looking for an internship or job
  • Want to learn another way to connect to employers, alumni, and peers
  • Want to attend on-campus career and recruiting events

Showcase Your Skills: Building Impressive Resumes

Applying for jobs? Prepping for the career fair? Whatever the case, it’s important to have an up to date resume. In this workshop, you will learn how to take your resume from good to great and how to stand out from the rest. This will be an interactive session, please bring the most updated version of your resume.

You should request this workshop if you…

  • You don’t know how to write a resume
  • You want to fine-tune your resume
  • Need to differentiate your resume from other students

Getting Creative: The Power of the Cover Letter

Have a perfect resume but are struggling to write a cover letter? Don’t know how to write a cover letter? This workshop will take you step-by-step through the cover letter writing process. If your resume does not tell your entire professional story, we can help convey your personality and unique experiences to make you the best candidate the job.

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Do not know how to write a cover letter
  • Want to present yourself as the best candidate
  • Need to differentiate your resume from your cover letter

Get Connected: The Key to LinkedIn Success

New to LinkedIn? Want to enhance your personal LinkedIn profile? Looking to connect with alumni and recruiters? Look no further because this workshop can help to refresh and revive your online professional persona! In today’s world of social media, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your online profile and resume are fresh, current, and discoverable by your colleagues. Come to this LinkedIn workshop and learn how to create a professional profile that puts your best foot forward and shows off your abilities and accomplishments. Even if you are not looking for a new opportunity, you never know when one might be looking for you!

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Want to build a strong personal LinkedIn profile
  • Need to learn how to connect with alumni
  • Want to improve your chances of being found on LinkedIn

On the Hunt: Internship & Job Searching

Do you need to start looking for an internship or job but not sure how to start? Have you heard the job market is competitive? When is the best time to start looking? Conducting a job or internship search can be complicated. Learn about recruitment timelines, employer expectations, and best practices for finding leads, identifying contacts and landing interviews!

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Want to know where to start looking for a job or internship
  • Need more information on what time is best to look

Landing Your Dream Job: Interview Tips and Tricks

Interviews are an ideal way to leave a lasting impression. Do they make you nervous? Are you having trouble preparing or don’t know what to expect? Attending this workshop can make certain you calm the nerves and have the answer for every question thrown your way. From traditional in-person interviews to video interviews, we will ensure you feel comfortable in any situation.

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Want to learn about various types of interviews
  • Need help preparing for an interview
  • Want to know what finite details can help you succeed in an interview

Navigate the Grey Area: Maintaining Connections

Most employers are looking for recent graduates that have career competencies they desire. The hardest part is knowing what they are looking for and how to gain skills in those areas. Or maybe you want to explore other areas but want to maintain strong connections. Join us as we explore the desired competencies and how to navigate these tricky situations.

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Are not sure what skills and experiences employers are seeking
  • Want to learn how to maintain professional connections
  • Want to know how to turn down an offer while saving a valuable connection

Managing Up: What Employers Want

The workplace is a new and exciting adventure for many young professionals in all industries. Making a great first impression on peers and managers is important in finding your place in the company. In this workshop, we will explore ways to operate in the workplace from being impressive to understanding your supervisor.

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Are entering the workplace for the first time
  • Are not sure what questions are acceptable to ask your supervisor

Redefining Abilities: How to Apply and Interview with Invisible Disabilities

Accessibility can easily be overlooked on the application and interview processes. This session will cover best practices to help coach students with visible and invisible disabilities through safeguarding students' protected information while providing guidance to increase their chances of securing employment. Participants will leave the session with an increased knowledge of navigating accessibility in the job search and interview processes and take away resources to incorporate on their searches.

Job Search Tips for International Students

Finding an internship or full-time job is more challenging for students who are on a visa. To help, this workshop will teach you how to search for jobs more accurately, how to answer interview questions about your work status, and how to increase your chances of being hired.

Is Graduate School Right for You?

Do you plan on attending graduate school? Are you considering attending graduate school but haven’t made up your mind? This workshop will discuss the pros and cons of attending graduate school right after graduation versus working full-time, what type of programs exist, what is involved in applying, application timelines, how graduate committees evaluate applicants, and how to write personal statements. 

Discover Your True Colors

Jump into the captivating world of personality types and unveil the essence of your character. Through engaging activities and an interactive session, you'll uncover the hues that make you, YOU. Whether you're a vibrant Gold, a compassionate Blue, an adventurous Orange, or a analytical Green, this workshop will help you embrace your individuality and leverage it for personal, academic and professional achievement. This is a great team-building workshop! 

Next Steps

If you have questions or comments about workshop requests, please contact or assistant director of career management, Dean Pidcock at or 740.593.2094. If you're ready to make your request, use the button below to connect to the workshop request form.

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