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Career Management
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Career Management

We take a unique approach to career management that focuses on student outcomes. The results speak for themselves. 

Industries and careers are complex, but we work with every student to develop a personalized career management plan to help you meet your professional goals. As a part of your OHIO Guarantee+ graduation plan, we’ll provide you with the mentorship, coaching, and career milestones that support your journey. Here are just a few of the additional benefits you’ll enjoy as a business student at OHIO:

Career Classes

All students in the COB complete two required courses that not only serve as an introduction to the college and career management practices, but that also provide tactical strategies for career searches and activities related to your intentional career management. 

Required Internship

In the COB, all students complete at least one internship or experiential education program – but more than 35% of business students complete multiple internships! Our internship immersion class prepares you for your internship and provides strategies for making the most of your experiential opportunities, and students participate in check-ins with career coaches to ensure the internship is a valuable experience (94% agree!). 

Employer Relations

Our industry outreach efforts bring major employers to you. Nearly 300 employers recruit Business Bobcats each year through career fairs, on-campus and virtual events, interviews, and speaker series such as the OHIO Business Conference and the Darren Butler Sports Business Forum. 

Career Outcomes

  • 83% Ohio University Business Graduates have jobs at graduation

  • 90% Ohio University Business Graduates get jobs within 3 months

We don’t hand out jobs. We give students access to exceptional coaching, tools, and resources to develop a successful career. We partner with industry leading employers that recognize the value our graduates bring to their organization. From job exploration and resume writing to career fairs and interviews, we are here to assist you.


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100% of students left career coaching appointments feeling like they made progress.

We partner with students to prepare them for success in their chosen fields. Together we develop the knowledge, professionalism, and leadership experiences needed to reach maximum career potential.

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Real-World Work Experience

100% students have an internship prior to graduation

We take internships seriously. There is no better way to gain real-world experience and learn about different career opportunities. All students are required to complete at least one internship as part of their College of Business curriculum.

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