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FY20 Reduction Actions

Our initial actions, announced on April 28, included:

  • Hiring freeze: Only critical positions that result in cost-savings being approved
  • Suspension of promotional reviews for staff
  • In-progress Capital Projects re-reviewed and new Capital Projects are suspended
  • All operational spending limited to essential purchases or services for the remainder of FY20
  • President Nellis and Provost Sayrs taking a 15% pay reduction

On May 1, we made our first significant staff reductions, impacting members of our AFSCME Bargaining Unit. 139 employees were notified that their positions would be eliminated effective May 31.

On May 15, 53 instructional faculty received a one-year notice of non-renewal. They will have an ongoing appointment for the upcoming academic year through May 15, 2021. In addition, we abolished 149 administrative positions as part of reductions and realignments. The University expects to rehire 55 administrators into new positions, for a net reduction of 94 positions.

On June 23, 81 employees were notified that their positions were eliminated. This personnel reduction included 63 classified positions, which was the only employee classification not impacted by earlier reductions, as well as 17 administrative positions, and one hourly position that is classified as non-bargaining unit/unclassified are impacted across the institution. This decision followed civil service reform measures, which were approved at the June 19 Board of Trustees meeting. The University expects to rehire 23 classified and administrative employees into new positions within the College of Arts and Sciences, for a net reduction of 58 positions.

The June 23 action was the last planned action of the FY20 fiscal year. In total, after rehiring, the University will have eliminated 344 filled positions across all campuses. This represents a total reduction of 7 percent. 

These decisions were made based on a number of factors and should in no way minimize or erode the positive contributions that our colleagues who received notifications made to our university. Rather, a lack of available work, reduced demand for certain programs and services, and necessary restructuring to improve operational efficiencies led to the choices that were made.

We have also announced a University-wide furlough plan to be implemented in fiscal year 2021, beginning July 1, 2020, and applies to all administrative, faculty and classified non bargaining employees. In addition, many Vice Presidents and Deans as well as our Athletic Director have committed to voluntary salary reductions of 10 percent or more, and our head football coach and head men’s basketball will take salary reductions of 10 percent.