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Engineering Technology and Management student wins Warner Award for undergraduate research

October 14, 2021 Reed Mechley, BSETM ’21, recently graduated from Ohio University, but he did not graduate without making his mark on undergraduate research.

Women’s Center director receives 2021 Coalition Builder Award

October 8, 2021 Women’s Center Director Dr. M. Geneva Murray has received the National Women’s Studies Association’s (NWSA) 2021 Coalition Builder Award for her service.

Faculty and student researchers invited to apply for Ohio University funding support

September 10, 2021 Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to apply for support in the 2021-22 academic year.

Voinovich School faculty, staff, and students play key role in collecting data from the U.S. Census Bureau to organize into a unified redistricting database

September 7, 2021 Faculty, professionals, and students from the Voinovich School have been collecting data from county boards of elections and the U.S. Census Bureau to organize into a unified redistricting database.

Cronin, Franz find for-profit hospitals can significantly impact population health

September 2, 2021 A study by professors Cory Cronin and Berkeley Franz found that for-profit hospitals were more likely than nonprofit and public hospitals to be in communities with greater economic and health needs.

Schenk to use desert flowers to pursue an unanswered question about macroevolution

September 2, 2021 What can researchers learn about evolution from a family of flowering desert plants common to North America? Quite a lot.

Ohio Supercomputer Center resources available to Ohio University researchers

September 1, 2021 The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) offers fee-based high-performance computing, large-capacity data storage, and expert support to OHIO faculty and researchers.

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Journalism professor Edmondson receives American Journalism Historian Association Award

August 19, 2021 Journalism professor Dr. Aimee Edmondson was awarded the American Journalism Historian Association’s 2021 Best Article Award for her study on libel law and American newspapers during the Jim Crow era.

OHIO alums use their research to create signs for OHIO’s Outdoor Museum

August 18, 2021 Three recent Ohio University alumni leveraged their graduate research to expand outdoor immersive learning at the OHIO Museum Complex (OMC) by helping to develop signage in the Outdoor Museum.

Ohio University advances new research partnership to fuel U.S. manufacturing competitiveness

August 11, 2021 The APLU announced a $90,000 grant to OHIO to explore how public universities can develop and scale partnerships with Manufacturing Extension Partnership Centers to increase success.

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Sandal investigates Turkey's political ambitions, religious populism in new publications

August 9, 2021 Dr. Nukhet Sandal will bring some fresh-off-the-press perspective to a course she’s teaching on Middle Eastern politics this fall after being published twice this summer on Turkey’s politics.

Students enjoy diving into freshwater fish biology research in the Morris Lab

August 4, 2021 A biology lab filled with thousands of freshwater fish from Mexico provides a hands-on setting for Ohio University students to examine how tiny, colorful swordtail fish are evolving and adapting.

Ohio University, partners will collaborate on virtual reality simulations to educate professionals on major health issues

July 29, 2021 OHIO will partner with CWRU School of Medicine, UToledo, MetroHealth, and Equitas Health to educate Ohio’s Medicaid providers and other healthcare professionals in the state of Ohio on health issues.

Ohio University announces transformative gift establishing the Ohio University BSN - Joyce N. Herrold, M.D. Nursing Program at Lancaster Campus

July 27, 2021 The Ohio University Foundation is announcing a transformational gift from Joyce N. Herrold, M.D., to extend the Ohio University Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program to the Lancaster Campus.

Brian Collins dives into ancient Sanskrit poem and comes up with - a modern plotline?

July 15, 2021 How does a non-traditional college student end up a preeminent scholar decoding an ancient Indian myth about a Hindu god with a resemblance to Oedipus?