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OHIO researcher looks into little known ‘purging disorder’

April 29, 2022 Ohio University researcher publishes study on little-known eating disorder known as “purging disorder."

Appalachian Ohio State of the Region Conference celebrates a decade of collaboration and innovation

April 28, 2022 The Appalachian Ohio State of the Region Conference is set to celebrate its tenth year on May 10 in Ohio University’s Baker Center Ballroom.

Patton College of Education faculty use mathematics and problem-solving to connect data to the world

April 28, 2022 Educators Courtney Koestler and Matt Felton-Koestler offer up problem-solving questions connecting math to real-world topics, current events, and societal issues relevant to their students’ lives.

Ng provides insight into cancel culture in her new book ‘Cancel Culture: A Critical Analysis’

April 26, 2022 Eve Ng has published a new book on a phenomenon that has emerged in recent years across social media and in the culture at large – cancel culture.

OHIO students educate the community about green roofs

April 22, 2022 Ohio University students are taking their voices, their models and even coloring books into the local community to demonstrate the benefits of green roofs to area children and families.

Heritage College welcomes population health cluster faculty focused on social determinants of health

April 21, 2022 Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine has welcomed three new faculty members as part of a new population health cluster hire focused on researching social determinants of health.

Heritage College using cluster hires to enhance medical research focus

April 21, 2022 The Heritage College has completed three cluster hires to date and so far has found success.

Study challenges theories of earlier human arrival in Americas

April 20, 2022 A new analysis of archaeological sites in the Americas challenges relatively new theories that the earliest human inhabitants of North America arrived before the migration of people from Asia.

Students, faculty set out to uncover once-thriving Civil War-era African American settlement

April 14, 2022 All that’s left of Payne’s Crossing, an African American settlement dating back to the 1800s, is remnants of the cemetery? Actually, there’s a lot more to discover about this once-thriving settlement

Presidential Research Scholars awards program seeks 2022-23 nominations

April 13, 2022 Ohio University is seeking nominations for its 2022-23 Presidential Research Scholars awards program.

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Chukwuka explores how coal can strengthen polymers

April 7, 2022 Chiderah Jessica Chukwuka, found her niche researching the effects of coal as a filler to enhance the properties of phenolic resins. She will present her research at the Student Expo on April 7, 2022.

Vanessa Obenewaa Antwi Doe studies effect of second-hand clothing market on Ghanaian seamstresses

April 6, 2022 Vanessa Obenewaa Antwi Doe will talk about her research, "Implications of fast fashion’s second-hand clothing market on seamstresses in the Ghanaian Textile Industry," at the Student Expo on April 7.

What Emily Marino didn't expect to find in the lab

April 6, 2022 From Emily Marino's first day as a Bobcat, she knew she would be spending a lot of time in a lab, conducting experiments, and writing her Honors Tutorial College senior thesis.

Three students are re-engineering how to get Cedar Point ready for summer fun

April 6, 2022 Industrial and systems engineering students Danielle Klein, Maddie McNamara and Meghan Harris are hard at work on the Cedar Point project.

Students search for linguistic answers in Southern Ohio Language Project

April 6, 2022 All five linguistics students have dug their roots into the Southern Ohio Language Project as a way to gather information and study how area residents use language.