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Flexspace provides faculty and staff with opportunities to meet students where they are

From rushing to and from classes, to leading organizations and studying, all while managing personal needs, there is no doubt that students are busy. With OHIO’s new flexspace, faculty and staff can now better connect with students both in-person and online, regardless of where they are on or off campus.

In the third video in the series, Jenny Klein, executive director of Academic Planning and Graduation Plans, discusses the value of the relationships built with students and the importance of providing a good work environment for faculty and staff to help advance student success.

Klein explains that using flexspace helps employees make the most of their opportunities to serve students and plan their goals and priorities around what they would like to accomplish in a way that works best for them.

“As a supervisor and someone who works really hard to recruit and retain talented employees, I have experienced the opportunity to provide them with what they need in their work environment in a way that allows and supports them to do their best work,” Klein said. “So, toward that end, I use the flex place and flex time arrangements provided by HR to help the employee make the most of their opportunity to serve their students.”

Part of serving students includes finding ways to make meetings and the graduating planning process more accessible. With flexspace, faculty and staff can meet in the office or via teams, making it even easier for students on and off campus to connect.

Having the online option of connecting can really make a difference in the lives of students, allowing students with disabilities the opportunity to be advised in the comfort of their own residence, providing students with a little more time in their schedules by meeting where it’s most convenient for them, as well as many more advantages.

Meeting online doesn’t take away from in-person meetings though, flexspace also offers the option to meet in various places around campus too, whether that’s closer to a student’s residence, job, or classes, or in a place to help provide them with resources, such as Alden Library or the Academic Engagement Center.

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November 24, 2021
Staff reports