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Student Opportunity Center connects students to diverse learning opportunities

Ohio University students can now find local and national experiential learning opportunities that will help them meet their OHIO Guarantee+ milestones through Student Opportunity Center (SOC).

Milestones are included in students’ graduation plans as goal posts to ensure students are gaining experiences that support their graduation plans and progressing toward graduation and their post-graduation goals.

OHIO Guarantee+ milestones fall under three categories: academic, professional, and civic. Student Opportunity Center is a search engine that integrates with many other Ohio University platforms to connect students with thousands of opportunities that help them achieve their milestones. Those opportunities include internships, volunteer opportunities, research, events, scholarships, and more.

To find opportunities specific to achieving your Guarantee+ milestones, turn off the national database search, use the OHIO Guarantee+ filters on the left to see opportunities in all categories, and select the opportunity to see a description for the specific milestone. For assistance searching for milestone opportunities or to learn more about creating your own, schedule an appointment with an Experience Designer at The ACE.

“OHIO Guarantee+ students have unique milestones they need to fulfill every semester,” said Judd Walker, associate director of Signature Programs. “We’ve developed Student Opportunity Center as a search engine where students can find the right opportunity, in the right place, at the right time, to fulfill the right milestone. We want students to take charge of creating their own path at OHIO, and SOC is the one-stop shop for all opportunities.”

Find more information on the OHIO Guarantee+ milestones or schedule an appointment with an Experience Designer on The ACE website. To get started searching for experiential learning opportunities, log in to Student Opportunity Center

November 2, 2021
Staff reports