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Preserving OHIO's Historic Character

One of Ohio University’s strongest features is its iconic spaces – the endlessly walkable College Green, the vibrant Court Street scene, and the majestic hills of The Ridges. The University remains as committed as ever to being a good steward for the myriad resources it manages. From a series of renovations that have breathed new life into the former Athens Mental Hospital to the upkeep and revisioning of use of space on College Green, below are a few of the many ways the University has reinvested in preserving our history while keeping an eye on the future – on each of the seven Ohio University greens. Our goal is to ensure that all buildings that are suitable for academic or administrative use are preserved to the best of our ability.

Explore the interactive map for even more details about the investments made in the facilities that reside in three historic districts. For a complete list of ongoing projects, visit the Facilities project website.

Abernathy Award Winner

City of Athens and Ohio University received an international award for outstanding town and gown relations in 2018.


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Aerial view of Uptown Athens during Homecoming parade