Brand Standards for Ohio University

Institution Stationery 

The Ohio University letterhead makes use of the signature and is to be used by all colleges, campuses, offices, and departments of the academic and administrative units of the institution. The letterhead prints in Ohio University PMS 342 Green and PMS 404 Gray on white custom watermarked recycled paper. A matching envelope is also available. Both are laser and ink jet compatible. Recycled letterhead is also available in monarch size (7.25-inch x 10.5-inch).

It is preferred that only printed versions of the letterhead be used. An electronic version of the letterhead is available for special e-mailings (e.g., international mailings). Use of this letterhead is by permission only through University Communications and Marketing.

Business envelopes for general, large mailings not including a letter may be printed on recycled white wove stock. However, business envelopes being used with letterhead must be on matching recycled stock.

The business card prints in Ohio University PMS 342 Green and PMS 404 Gray on white recycled card stock. It is preferred that no printing be done on the reverse side of the business card.

Institution Stationery


Stationery is letterhead, envelopes, and business cards produced and used collectively.