Brand Standards for Ohio University

"The Promise Lives"  Print 

Printed pieces present dynamic visuals and incisive text that promote Ohio University through such venues as magazines, newspapers, and billboards. Below are a few examples that reached an audience across the region. Note how the imagery incorporates inviting campus scenery, the recurring brick hallmark, and engaged students and professors in accordance with OHIO brand standards.

You can experience the OHIO brand illustrated through audio, video, and Web projects on the corresponding pages.

US News & World Report Ad

Marketing campaign full-page ad
U.S. News & World Report special college issue
(Ohio region)

Pickerington Center Ad

Marketing campaign full-page ad for regional campuses
Columbus Monthly

Pittsburgh Ad

Marketing campaign half-page ad
Pittsburgh Magazine: College Guide and
Cincinnati Magazine: Best Colleges
(More extensive written copy containing an overview
of Ohio University also appeared in these issues)

OUCOM Brand in print

This promotion for Ohio University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (OU-COM) Advisory Board meeting continues “the promise lives” theme and features persons engaged in the program as well as the bricks that serve as a hallmark of the University.

OUCOM Brand in print

This OU-COM proposal cover also advances “the promise lives” theme by connecting it to the contents of the report. The campus bricks are again prominently featured.

OUCOM Brand in print

This OU-COM admissions piece promotes the college and advances University’s brand standards by featuring the welcoming face of a student engaged in the program and conveying the theme that “the promise lives” in the achievements of OHIO graduates.