Ellie Hammond

Ellie Hammond
Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program Coordinator

Fun Info:

Lover of good coffee, road trips, flannel shirts and campfires. Loves hiking, kayaking, biking, yoga, and being outside. Can often be heard quoting The Office or Parks and Recreation. Is an aspiring hand-letterer and calligrapher.

WellWorks team member since:

June 2017

What my position entails:

I work as a clinical exercise physiologist in cardiac and pulmonary rehab. I work one on one with patients to improve their health and well-being through exercise therapy and education.

I'm an Exercise Physiologist Because:

I love helping people make positive lifestyle changes and showing them what a difference exercise can make in their lives.

Why I enjoy my job:

It is so rewarding to see patients' quality of life improve so drastically during their time with us. Knowing you helped someone feel better both physically and mentally is the greatest feeling.

My professional passion:

Helping people realize that exercise is the best medicine!